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Fresh Juice & Salads

50 Products found

LuLu Fresh Orange Juice 500ml

LuLu Fresh Orange Juice 500ml

BHD 1.200 BHD 0.950

LuLu Fresh Beginner Green Juice 500ml

BHD 0.975

LuLu Fresh Heart Beet Juice 500ml

BHD 0.700

LuLu Fresh Mango Lassi 500ml

BHD 0.750

LuLu Fresh Celery Detox Juice 500ml

BHD 0.890

LuLu Fresh Pineapple Juice 1Litre

BHD 3.990

LuLu Fresh Coffee Cashew Vegan Smoothie 500ml

BHD 1.010

LuLu Fresh Watermelon Juice 500ml

BHD 0.810

LuLu Fresh Pineapple Juice 500ml

BHD 2.100

LuLu Fresh Mint Lemon Juice 500ml

BHD 0.600

LuLu Fresh Infuse Water Cucumber-- Ginger And Lemon 500ml

BHD 0.425

Regular Chicken/Cheese Pizza Large 1pc

BHD 1.980

LuLu Fresh Watermelon Juice 1Litre

BHD 1.490

LuLu Fresh Citrus Sensation Juice 500ml

BHD 0.975

LuLu Fresh Orange Juice 1Litre

BHD 2.300

LuLu Fresh Infuse Water Grapefruit And Lemon 500ml

BHD 0.425

LuLu Fresh Carrot Juice 1Litre

BHD 1.930

Chicken Spicy Pizza Large 1pc

BHD 2.500

LuLu Fresh Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice 500ml

BHD 0.875

LuLu Fresh Dates With Milk 500ml

BHD 0.760

LuLu Fresh Grape Juice 500ml

BHD 1.385

LuLu Fresh Mango & Flaxseed Vegan Smoothie 500ml

BHD 1.010

LuLu Fresh Juice Avocado with Milk 500ml

BHD 1.495

LuLu Fresh Strawberry And Dates Milk Shake 500ml

BHD 1.035

LuLu Fresh Pomegranate Juice 500ml

BHD 3.100

LuLu Fresh Infuse Water Berries And Citrus 500ml

BHD 0.635

Fresh Hummous 300g

BHD 0.750

Spicy Paneer Pizza Large 1pc

BHD 2.890

LuLu Fresh Apple Juice 500ml

BHD 1.050

LuLu Fresh Lemon Juice 500ml

BHD 0.650

LuLu Fresh Strawberry Lassi 500ml

BHD 0.830

LuLu Fresh Broccoli Sunrise Juice 500ml

BHD 0.750

LuLu Fresh Beetroot Juice 500ml

BHD 1.025

Regular Hawaiian Delight Pizza Large 1pc

BHD 2.625

Apple Pie Vegan Smoothie 500ml

BHD 1.010

LuLu Fresh Sweet Lassi 500ml

BHD 0.610

LuLu Fresh Cucumber 500ml

BHD 0.915

Regular Cheese/Tomato Pizza Large 1pc

BHD 1.760

LuLu Fresh Pomegranate Juice 1Litre

BHD 5.990

LuLu Fresh Blueberry Banana Smoothie 500ml

BHD 1.600