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Canned Vegetables

166 Products found

Pomi Strained Crushed Tomato 1kg

BHD 2.050

Green Giant Original Sweet Corn 198g

BHD 0.455

Pomi Strained Tomatoes 500g

BHD 1.200

California Garden Whole Kernel Sweet Corn 425g

BHD 0.475

Green Giant No Added Salt & Sugar Sweet Corn 340g

BHD 0.620

California Garden Canned Whole Mushrooms 425g

BHD 0.790

Green Giant Original Sweet Corn 340g

BHD 0.620

LuLu Tahina Made Of 100% Pure Sesame Seeds 400g

BHD 1.190

California Garden Canned Mushrooms Pieces & Stems 425g

BHD 0.615

Pomito Chopped Tomatoes 500g

BHD 1.200

Al Alali Whole Mushrooms 400g

BHD 0.750

American Garden Cream Style Sweetcorn 418g

BHD 0.575

Libby's Golden Sweet Corn Cream Style 241g

BHD 0.390

Goody Golden Corn Whole Kernels 196g

BHD 0.390

American Garden Sliced Beets 425g

BHD 0.680

Libby's Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn 198g

BHD 0.390

Bio Solidale Organic Courgettes Grilled In Extra Virgin Olive Oil 300g

BHD 2.890

Napolina Chopped Tomatoes with Herb 400g

BHD 1.190

Al Alali Whole Mushroom 200g

BHD 0.440

Valle Del Cilento Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes 400g

BHD 0.490

Maling Whole Mushrooms 400g

BHD 0.470

Maza Processed Peas 285g

BHD 0.290

Natco Whole Kernel Corn 425g

BHD 0.470

All Gold Diced & Peeled Tomatoes 410g

BHD 0.990

The Tender Table Organic Chilli & Lime Jackfruit 300g

BHD 1.350

American Garden Tomato Sauce 425g

BHD 0.450

Libby's Sweet Garden Peas 241g

BHD 0.400

California Garden Mushroom Whole Value Pack 4 x 184g

BHD 1.590

Clearspring Bio Bean Sprouts 330g

BHD 1.560

American Garden Crushed Tomatoes 425g

BHD 0.520

The Tender Table Organic Coconut Cheese & Onion Jackfruit 300g

BHD 1.350

La Choy Bean Sprouts 396g

BHD 1.190

All Gold Tomato Sauce 350ml

BHD 1.100

LuLu Tomato Paste 750g

BHD 0.830

Durra Tomato Paste 375g

BHD 0.720

Mr. Organic Italian Organic Chopped Tomatoes 400g

BHD 0.785

The Tender Table Organic Tangy BBQ Jackfruit 300g

BHD 1.350

Al Alali Mushrooms Pieces & Stems 200g

BHD 0.430

Natco Baby Young Corn 15oz

BHD 0.590

Al Alali Sweet Whole Kernel Corn 200g

BHD 0.440