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Irons & Garment Steamers

70 Products found

Tefal Handheld Steamer DT3030 1300W

Tefal Handheld Steamer DT3030 1300W

BHD 24.900 BHD 19.900

Black + Decker Garment Steamer GST1600B5

Black + Decker Garment Steamer GST1600B5

BHD 34.500 BHD 29.990

Tefal  Steam Generator 2200W,White and Blue, SV6131G0E

Tefal Steam Generator 2200W,White and Blue, SV6131G0E

BHD 49.990 BHD 43.990

Black+Deker Steam Iron X2450-B5 2400W

BHD 17.990

Tefal Steam Iron FV1853M0 2500W

BHD 19.900

Philips Steam Iron 2600W DST7012/76

BHD 34.990

Philips Handheld Garment Steamer GC362/86

BHD 44.990

Philips Steam Iron DST8021/36 3000W

BHD 69.990

Conair Fabric Steamer GS5ME2

BHD 26.100

Russell Hobbs Steam Iron Xpress 14991

BHD 16.390

Philips Garment Steamer GC487/86 1800W

BHD 59.990

Kenwood Ceramic Steam Iron 2100Watts, 300ml Large capacity, Ceramic Sole Plate, steam power 28/120g, Anti drip, STP50.000WO

BHD 8.990

Zenet Heavy Iron ZID-2000H 1200W Assorted

BHD 4.990

Philips Steam Iron DST3011 2100W

BHD 17.990

Philips Steam Iron GC3929/66 2600W      

BHD 44.900

Black + Decker Steam Iron X1750-B5 1750W

BHD 8.990

Tefal Steam Iron FV1520M0 2000W

BHD 13.515

Kenwood Steam Generator Iron with Boiler, 7 bar, Up to 600g/min steam shot, 2600 Watts, SSP70.000WB White/Blue

BHD 81.990

Singer Garment Steamer SWP02E 1500W

BHD 32.900

Philips Steam Generator GC6815/26

BHD 84.990

Black+Decker Garment Steamer GSTM2050 1785W

BHD 39.990

Philips Steam Iron DST5020 2400W

BHD 24.990

Braun Steam Iron SI 1070PU-2000W

BHD 14.500

Philips Dry Iron GC160/07 1200W    

BHD 8.990

Braun Steam Iron SI-1009 1900W

BHD 11.500

Sharp Steam Iron EIS-100B3

BHD 7.230

Optima Garment Steamer GS1800N 1950W

BHD 26.900

Tefal Steam Iron FV3772 1800W

BHD 16.135

Ikon Steam Iron IK-2283 2200W

BHD 6.200

Philips Easy Touch Garment Steamer GC482/26 1600W

BHD 24.990

Philips Steam iron GC1740/26 2000W

BHD 12.990

Panasonic Iron NI22AWT

BHD 11.990

Philips Steam iron DST3041/36 2600W

BHD 24.990

Panasonic Garment Steamer NI-GWE080WTH 2140W

BHD 62.990

Kenwood Steam Iron OWSTP01 1100W

BHD 5.990

Singer Steam Press ESP-2

BHD 115.200

Philips Handheld Garment Steamer STH3020

BHD 28.990

Black+Decker Steam Iron X2800-B5 2800W

BHD 31.400

Steamone Garment Steamer, Black, MEXL4100B

BHD 44.990

Philips Steam Iron DST5010/16 2400W

BHD 21.900