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Feminine Hygiene

204 Products found

Gillette Venus Smooth Sensitive Women's Razor 1 Handle + 4 Blades

BHD 5.390

Shick Quattro Razor For Women 2Up

BHD 2.390

Kotex Designer Maxi Pads Super + Wings 30pcs

BHD 2.150

Veet Pure Face Wax Strips Sensitive Skin 20pcs

BHD 3.760

Venus Simply 3 Sensitive Women's Disposable Razors 6pcs

BHD 3.790

Gillette Venus 3 Comfort Glide Spa Breeze 1 Handle + 3 Cartridges

BHD 5.290

Fem Fresh Ultimate Care Active Fresh Deodorant 125ml

BHD 2.475

Fine Care Incontinence Medium Waist  Adult Diapers (75-110 cm) 22pcs

BHD 5.790

Al Hasna Hair Remover Painless 230g

BHD 1.245

Kotex Maxi Pads Normal with Wings 30pcs

BHD 2.150

Always Daily Liners Comfort Protect Normal 20pcs

BHD 1.340

Always Napkin Total Protection With Wings Large Value Pack 48pcs

BHD 2.690

Kotex Natural Cotton Maxi Thick Super with Wings 26pcs

BHD 2.150

Veet Pure Underarm Wax Strips Sensitive 16pcs

BHD 3.760

Freshdays Daily Liners Normal 2in1 24pcs

BHD 1.250

Gillette Simply Venus 3in1 Refillable Women's Smooth Razor1 Handle +  Blade Refills 6+3

BHD 3.390

Veet Hair Removal Natural Cold Wax Strips Argan Oil Bikini & Under Arms 16pcs

BHD 3.590

Lil - Lets Night Maxi Wings 24pcs

BHD 1.350

Nana Maxi Goodnight Wings 7pcs

BHD 0.600

Always Daily Liners Multiform Pantyliners With Fresh Scent Normal 20pcs

BHD 1.340

Drynites Pyjama Age 8-15y Boy 27-57kg 13pcs

BHD 4.190

LuLu Violet 3 Razor Cartridges For Women 4pcs

BHD 2.510

Always Daily Liners Comfort Protect With Fresh Scent Normal 40pcs

BHD 1.900

Nair Hair Removal Lotion Lemon 120ml

BHD 1.685

Fem Fresh Ultimate Care Active Fresh Wash 250ml

BHD 4.340

Fam Romance Natural Cotton Feel Maxi Thick Non-Wings Super Sanitary 40pcs

BHD 1.625

Gillette Venus 5 Smooth Swirl 1 Handle + 3 Cartridges

BHD 8.290

Sanita Elegance Adult Diaper Medium 11pcs

BHD 3.590

Nair Hair Removal Cream For Silky And Smooth Skin 110g

BHD 1.530

Fam Natural Cotton Feel Maxi Thick Folded with Wings Night Sanitary 8pcs

BHD 0.650

Veet Pure Bikini & Underarm Hair Removal Cream Sensitive 100ml

BHD 3.550

Nair Hair Removal cream for silky and Smooth skin Rose fragrance 110g

BHD 1.530

Sebamed Intimate Deodorant Spray Sensitive 125ml

BHD 2.755

Gillette Venus 3 Sensitive Disposable Razor 3pcs

BHD 2.090

Veet Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips Dry Skin 20pcs

BHD 4.490

Veet Hair Removal Cream Sensitive Skin 2 x 100g

BHD 3.190

Veet Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips Normal Skin 20pcs

BHD 4.490

Gillette Venus Tropical Disposable Razor 4+2

BHD 4.390

Gillette Venus Comfort Glide Breeze Cartridges 8pcs

BHD 11.290

Gillette Venus Breeze Women's Razor 2Up

BHD 5.490