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Fomme Disposable Face Mask 3ply 50pcs

BHD 0.790

Home Mate Paper Straw 25pcs

BHD 0.830

LuLu Plastic Plates 22cm 25pcs

BHD 0.980

LuLu Plastic Trays Clear No.3 500g

BHD 0.590

Home Mate Biodegradable Sufra Roll 10Pcs

BHD 1.770

Renova Napkins Yellow 1ply Size 30 x 32cm 70 Sheets

BHD 0.550

Home Mate Shower cap 20pcs

BHD 0.655

Home Mate Plastic Cups 2oz 20pcs

BHD 0.470

Home Mate Spoons 51pcs

BHD 0.620

LuLu Sandwich Paper 800pcs

BHD 1.415

LuLu Foam Bowl 12oz 25pcs

BHD 0.500

LuLu Black Base Round Containers With Lid 16oz 5pcs

BHD 0.835

LuLu Paper Napkins Square 33cm x 33cm 2ply 25pcs

BHD 0.365

LuLu Foam Plate 3 Compartment 9inch 25pcs

BHD 0.675

LuLu Plastic Knife Clear 50pcs

BHD 0.445

LuLu Plastic Fork Clear 50pcs

BHD 0.445

Sanita Paper Cups Size 9oz 50pcs

BHD 0.850

Falcon Candles White 8pcs

BHD 0.250

LuLu Crystal Plates 5pcs

BHD 1.455

Falcon Tea Light Candles 50pcs

BHD 1.490

LuLu Plastic Plate 26cm 25pcs + Plastic Cup 6oz 50pcs

BHD 1.665

LuLu Paper Napkins Size 33 x 33cm 50pcs

BHD 1.145

Sanita Club Sufra Oxo-Biodegradable Mini Jumbo Size 85 x 107/1700cm 18pcs

BHD 1.560

LuLu Plastic Clear Cups With Lid 20pcs

BHD 0.625

Home Mate Rectangle Lids & Containers 4 x 500ml

BHD 0.515

TMI Bamboo Straw 21cm 10pcs

BHD 1.890

LuLu Plastic Knife White 50pcs

BHD 0.410

Home Mate Doyleys Round 6.5inch 200pcs

BHD 0.995

LuLu Extra Large Sufra Roll with Printed Design 100 x 130cm 50 Sheets

BHD 2.715

LuLu Printed Clear Cups Juice With Lid 10pcs

BHD 0.730

Falcon Tea Light Candles 10pcs

BHD 0.400

LuLu Plastic Spoon Clear 50pcs

BHD 0.445

Home Mate Table Napkin 30x28cm 100pcs

BHD 0.250

Home Mate Wooden Fork 24pcs

BHD 0.725

LuLu White Plastic Tray No.4 500g

BHD 1.015

Home Mate Coffee Cups 12pcs

BHD 0.490

Fresh & Comfort Disposable Protective Mask White (Non Medical Use) 3ply 50pcs

BHD 0.790

Hotpack Disposable Plastic Cups 6oz 50pcs

BHD 0.235

LuLu Foam Plate 7inch 25pcs

BHD 0.550

Fomme Disposable Compressed Towel 8pcs

BHD 0.785