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LuLu Plastic Plates With 3 Compartments 26cm 25pcs

BHD 1.530

LuLu Plastic Bowls 11oz 25pcs

BHD 0.725

Home mate Plastic Fork 18pcs

BHD 0.395

LuLu Plastic Clear Cups With Lid 20pcs

BHD 0.625

Home Mate Microwave Rectangular Container 500ml 6pcs

BHD 0.620

LuLu Plastic Plates 18cm 25pcs

BHD 1.015

TMI Spoon Size 9.5cm 50pcs

BHD 1.350

Renova Napkins Pink 1ply Size 30 x 32cm 36 Sheets

BHD 0.550

LuLu White Plastic Tray No.2 500g

BHD 1.015

LuLu Crystal Plates Size 33cm 5pcs

BHD 2.085

LuLu Plastic Plate 26cm 25pcs + Plastic Cup 6oz 50pcs

BHD 1.665

Home Mate Cake Cup Assorted 6 x 100pcs

BHD 1.035

Home Mate Plastic Fork Blue 18pcs

BHD 0.780

Home Mate Plastic Container With Lid 400ml Capacity 40 + 6pcs

BHD 1.490

LuLu Crystal Plates Size 30cm 5pcs

BHD 1.770

Home Mate Doyleys Round 12inch 200pcs

BHD 2.775

LuLu Foam Plate 7inch 50pcs

BHD 1.020

Home Mate Paper Cup 2.5oz 50pcs

BHD 0.515

LuLu Plastic Trays Clear No.3 500g

BHD 0.890

Hotpack Clear Plastic Spoon 50pcs

BHD 0.365

Fomme Disposable Face Shield T2 1pc

BHD 0.525

Home Mate Wooden Fork 24pcs

BHD 0.725

LuLu Black Color Straw 8mm 100pcs

BHD 0.515

LuLu Plastic Containers with Lids Capacity 400ml 2 x 20pcs

BHD 1.190

LuLu Foam Plate 3 Compartment 9inch 25pcs

BHD 0.675

Home Mate Biodegradable Large Carry Bag Size 45cm x 55cm 500g

BHD 0.785

LuLu Plastic Containers with Lids Capacity 400ml 20pcs

BHD 0.690

TMI Bamboo Fork Size 9cm 50pcs

BHD 0.790

Fomme Disposable Bouffant Cap 40pcs

BHD 0.995

Home Mate Spoons 51pcs

BHD 0.620

Fomme Face Shield 1pc

BHD 1.390

Home Mate Muffin Cake Cups Colored 6 x 100pcs

BHD 1.350

LuLu Plastic Spoon Clear 50pcs

BHD 0.445

LuLu Reusable Juco Bag 1pc

BHD 0.760

LuLu Paper Cups 25pcs

BHD 0.620

LuLu Plastic Fork White 50pcs

BHD 0.410

LuLu Foam Cup 6oz 50pcs

BHD 0.500

LuLu Square Paper Napkins Embossed 25pcs

BHD 0.620

LuLu Paper Table Covers 100 x 120 15pcs

BHD 1.205

LuLu Plastic Containers With Lids 20pcs

BHD 0.590