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Olives & Pickles

25 Products found

Hutesa Spanish Whole Black Olives 300g

BHD 0.390

Greek Olive Stuffed With Garlic 250g

BHD 1.130

Hutesa Spanish Green Pitted Olive 300g

BHD 0.630

Moroccan Green Olives with Herbs 300g

BHD 0.535

Egyptian Cauliflower Pickles 300g

BHD 0.280

Moroccan Green Olives with Lemon 300g

BHD 0.535

Greek Kalamata Olives Sliced 300g

BHD 1.255

Greek Kalamata Olive Large 300g

BHD 0.815

Greek Green Pitted Olives Jumbo 300g

BHD 0.785

Greek Kalamata Olives Colossal 300g

BHD 1.065

Egyptian Green Olives Plain 300g

BHD 0.405

Hutesa Spanish Whole Green Olives 300g

BHD 0.390

Hutesa Spanish Sliced Black Olives 300g

BHD 0.595

Syrian Red Chilly Paste 300g

BHD 0.520

Hutesa Spanish Black Pitted Olive 300g

BHD 0.630

Slice Jalapeno 300g

BHD 0.465

Moroccan Green Olive Andalouse 300g

BHD 0.535

Egyptian Sliced Green Olives 300g

BHD 0.495

Moroccan Green Olive BBQ Style 300g

BHD 0.535

Greek Stuffed Olives With Almond 300g

BHD 1.380

Egyptian Mixed Pickles 300g

BHD 0.065

Hutesa Spanish Green Olive Stuffed Pimiento 300g

BHD 0.630

Syrian Green Olives 300g

BHD 0.770

Moroccan Red Harissa 300g

BHD 0.475

Hutesa Spanish Sliced Green Olives 300g

BHD 0.595