392 Products found

Food Storage

392 Products found

Home Mate Aluminum Foil Size 7.62m x 30.4cm 25sq.ft 1pc

BHD 0.625

TMI Bamboo Flag Skewer Size 21cm 50pcs

BHD 0.890

Home Mate Aluminium Containers With Lid 83185-CP 10pcs

BHD 0.990

Renova Napkins Orange 1ply Size 30 x 32cm 70 Sheets

BHD 0.550

LuLu Disposable Paper Plates Size 7inch 50pcs

BHD 1.205

Napco Sanita Club Biodegradable Table Cover Jumbo 40pcs

BHD 2.790

Home Mate Food Storage Bags Size 52 x 33cm X-Large No. 16 50pcs

BHD 0.990

Home Mate Spoons 51pcs

BHD 0.620

Fine Interfold Hand Towel 3 x 150 Sheets

BHD 1.390

Home Mate Clear Bowls 5oz 18pcs

BHD 0.995

Fomme Reusable Face Shield 1pc

BHD 2.590

Home Mate Biodegradable Sufra Roll 2 x 6pcs

BHD 1.980

Home Mate Plastic Tray 6.5x4.5inch 250g Approx

BHD 0.620

LuLu Plastic Plates 26cm 25pcs

BHD 1.420

LuLu Extra Large Sufra Roll With Printed Design Size 100x120cm 2 x 20pcs

BHD 2.620

LuLu Aluminium Container + Lid 83185 2 x 10pcs

BHD 2.085

Home Mate Bamboo Chopsticks 10 Pairs

BHD 0.655

Home Mate Sugarcane Pulp Plate 10inch 20pcs

BHD 1.450

LuLu Aluminium Oval Platter Small 5pcs

BHD 0.550

Fomme HDPE Apron White Size 800x1400 100pcs

BHD 2.715

Barkah Aluminium Container With Lid Size 43mm 10pcs

BHD 1.180

LuLu Plastic Clear Cups With Lid 10pcs

BHD 0.655

LuLu Plastic Coffee Cups 4oz 50pcs

BHD 0.415

Sanita Club Garbage Bags Biodegradable 70 Gallons Size 125 x 105cm 10pcs

BHD 1.190

Sanita Table Covers Sufra Matwiya Daily Size 107 x 85cm 20pcs

BHD 1.560

Fomme LDPE Apron White Size 800x1400 100pcs

BHD 3.130

Classic Sandwich Bag With Fold & Close Top Size 15.8 x 13.9cm 150pcs

BHD 1.195

LuLu Lavender Scented Garbage Bags 10Gallans 54cm x 60cm 30pcs

BHD 0.965

LuLu Plastic Containers Rectangular 500ml 7pcs

BHD 1.040

Hotpack Aluminium Containers With Lid 420cc 10pcs

BHD 0.400

Sanita Club Garbage Bag Heavy Duty Large 50 Gallon Size 76 x 95cms 2 x 20 pcs

BHD 2.390

Barka Aluminium Containers With Lid 10pcs

BHD 2.925

LuLu Plastic Trays Clear No.4 500g

BHD 0.890

Sanita Club Sufra Oxo-Biodegradable Jumbo Size 85 x 107/3400cm 40pcs

BHD 3.235

Pillar Candle Orange Assorted 4pcs

BHD 1.390

Classic Large Size Oven Bags Size 355 x 508mm 5pcs

BHD 2.045

Home Mate Drawstring Garbage Bags Roll 54 x 60cm 10 Gallons 20pcs

BHD 0.850

LuLu Foam Plate 10inch Plain 25pcs + Offer

BHD 0.995

Sanita Club Sufra Oxo-Biodegradable Mini Jumbo Size 85 x 107/1700cm 18pcs

BHD 1.560

Enviro Care Garbage Bag Flat 105x125cm 2 x 10pcs

BHD 2.820