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Coriander Whole 150g Approx. Weight

AED 2.25

LuLu Foul Bajalla (Broad Beans) 400g

AED 14.00

LuLu Reusable Juco Bag 1pc

AED 7.50

Black Forest Fruit Cake Medium 1.3 kg

AED 52.00

Cashew Nuts Masala 500g

AED 32.00

Saghai Dates Premium 500g

AED 34.00

LuLu Frozen Aloo Tikki 2 x 320 g

AED 12.90

LuLu Fresh Coffee Cashew Vegan Smoothie 500ml

AED 9.90

Lulu Washing Machine Cover 5kg XH5B-FL

AED 12.00

Moong Dal 500g

AED 5.25

LuLu Fresh Mint Lemon Juice 500 ml

AED 3.25

Black Forest Cake Medium 1.1 kg

AED 44.95

Choco Nuts Cake Medium 1.1kg

AED 48.50

LuLu 3 Layer Disposable Face Mask 18pcs

AED 15.90

Chilli Whole Long 150g Approx. Weight

AED 4.70

Chiffon Medium Pandan Cake 1pc

AED 11.95

LuLu Fresh Infuse Water with Cucumber, Ginger And Lemon 500 ml

AED 3.25

LuLu Plain Cashewnuts W240 1kg

AED 67.20

LuLu Fresh Orange Juice 1 Litre

AED 25.50

LuLu Fresh Sugar Free Leafy Green Shot 100 ml

AED 5.90

LuLu Fresh Basic Papaya Mango Smoothie 500 ml

AED 12.90

LuLu Fresh Beetroot And Apple Juice 500 ml

AED 9.75

Blueberry Muffins 6pcs

AED 8.95

LuLu Fresh Citrus Sensation Juice 500ml

AED 13.00

Toor Dal 500g

AED 6.75

Frike 1kg Approx. Weight

AED 20.90

LuLu Fresh Grape Juice 500 ml

AED 22.50

LuLu USA Pista Roasted Salted 500g

AED 37.25

Dehydrated Crystalised Ginger Chunk 300g

AED 10.50

Cashew Chilly 1 kg

AED 62.90

Green Peas Roasted 1kg

AED 15.70

Fresh Fruit Cake Med 1.3 kg

AED 60.50

LuLu Arabic Mix Masala 200g

AED 6.25

LuLu Fresh Infuse Water with Grapefruit And Lemon 500 ml

AED 3.90

LuLu Fresh Orange, Carrot & Ginger Juice 250 ml

AED 7.50

Lulu Melamin Dinner Set 34pc SIENA GREEN

AED 224.00

White Seed 250g

AED 7.00

LuLu Fresh Carrot Juice 1 Litre

AED 31.40

LuLu Fresh Heart Beet Juice 500ml

AED 15.00

LuLu Pineapple Essence 28ml

AED 1.95