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Arabic Food

171 Products found

Egyptian Istanboli Cheese 250g

Egyptian Istanboli Cheese 250g

AED 5.50 AED 3.75

Al Fares Fennel Powder 200g

AED 15.50

Domty Istanbolly Plus Cheese 500g

AED 10.50

Abidin Senol Pomegranate Sour Sauce 1kg

AED 13.75

Dreem Basboussa 450g

AED 10.50

Dreem Strawberry Cake Mix 400g

AED 11.90

Al Fares Dumpling Mix With Yeast 500 g

AED 6.50

Al Fares Nutmeg Powder 250g

AED 28.00

Dr. Life Moroccan Green Tea 24 Teabags

AED 7.95

Yamama Orange Blossom Water 750ml

AED 11.75

Al Fares Dry Parsley 40g

AED 7.75

Al Fares Dry Mint 40g

AED 7.75

Al Fares Oregano 40g

AED 10.75

Al Fares Onion Powder 250g

AED 14.95

Bab Elsham The Perfect BBQ Blend 250g

AED 10.90

Quba Zamoota Water 570 ml

AED 13.95

Bab Elsham Sumac 200g

AED 14.90

Al Fares Chinese Five Spice 100g

AED 9.75

Bab El Sham Chunky Chicken Coat Regular 100g

AED 4.90

Egyptian Double Cream Cheese Extra 300g Approx. Weight

AED 6.55

Syrian Red Chilly Paste 300g

AED 5.10

Olive Branch Gazan Mixture 500g

AED 35.00

Egyptian Yellow Domiatty Cheese With Pepper 250g Approx. Weight

AED 5.75

Al Fares Bar-B-Q Spice 250g

AED 12.25

Domty Plus Feta Cheese 500g

AED 10.25

El Zahar Istanboli Cheese 1kg

AED 25.95

Al Fares Paprika Sweet 220g

AED 23.50

Al Fares Bread Crumbs Italian 300 Gm

AED 12.50

Egyptian Domty Istanbully Cheese 250g Approx. Weight

AED 5.70

Bab Elsham Chicken Spices 150g

AED 9.90

Al Fares Mix Bahraini Masala Powder 250g

AED 13.00

Al Fares Pizza Spice 200g

AED 15.25

Al Fares Cinnamon Stick 500g

AED 21.50

Olive Branch Labneh Thyme 500g

AED 35.00

Egyptian Lemon Pickles 300 g

AED 3.75

Al Fares Yellow Dry Lemon Powder 220g

AED 13.00

Egyptian Feta Cheese With Pepper 250g Approx. Weight

AED 5.75

Bab Elsham Syrian 7 Spices 250g

AED 18.90

Al Fares Black Lemon Powder 250g

AED 11.50

Al Fares Rosemary 40g

AED 10.50