Returns And Refunds Policy

When you buy from we want you to be happy with your purchase. So, if you need to return a product, get it exchanged or refunded, we want to make it as easy as possible.

Bought from Here is everything you need to know:

Our refund policy

If any of our products fall below the high standard you expect, we will happily refund or exchange it according to the terms and conditions set out below.

  - is unable to procure products: a reasonable time of 7-10 days from the date of authorization has to be given.

  - Products faulty on arrival and non-repairable.

  - Products are lost in deliveries.

   - Refunds for products purchased under a promotional offer will be based on the terms of the promotional price. Bundle offers or “Buy 1 Get 1 free” offers: In this case you will have to return all the items in this offer.

  - Refund settlement will take place once the returned product has been received back and a quality check has taken place, this procedure normally takes 4-5 days, then 2 business days to issue the refund. Please be aware that sometimes the refund will not show on your account until the next statement cycle is issued from your bank.

  - We would refund the delivery charge in full if the product received is faulty / damaged and you return all products of your order at the same time. If you choose to keep some of the products, we will retain the balance of the delivery charge that applies to the products you keep.

  - Please keep all items with their complete packaging and inside packaging intact if you intend to refund any items within the conditions set out. No exchange or refund will be considered without it.

  - 7 Days money back Guarantee if you change your mind, provided that the merchandise is as new, in a re-sellable condition and the consumables (cartridges, blank tapes, CD’s or DVD’s) and accessories (cables, chargers, batteries...) are still sealed, refund can be granted upon approval within 7 days after delivery. (Exceptions apply see Electrical returns) However the normal delivery or supplier delivery charge as well as card transaction charges will be charged back as well as any additional charges incurred by courier collection.

Our refund policy

All orders will be refunded if the product is received “Faulty / damaged” or within a 7 day period if the product is found to be Faulty (Exceptions apply see electrical returns) in such cases the product must be returned with all correct manuals, packaging intact and all correct cables that came with the product, if any of these are found to be incorrect then the refund will not be processed. (Contact customer services for courier uplift date)


After the 7-day window for refund of faulty products any product that becomes faulty after this period will be subject to the manufactures warranty, customer support can assist in directing you to a Lulu location so that after sales service with the supplier can be arranged. (Where applicable)


Any product past the initial period of refund as set out above and after the manufacturer warranty period will not be eligible for either refund or exchange.


Courier delivered products

If the product was delivered to your home or office by a courier, we can arrange a courier collection for its return. Call customer services 600 54 00 48 to arrange this. Please make sure courier collected products are well packaged for their return journey all outer packaging must be in the condition it was received in.


Supplier delivered and large products

Larger products or products delivered directly by one of our suppliers. To return these products call our customer services 600 54 00 48. We'll arrange for the supplier to contact you to agree a suitable collection date.


Lulu Hypermarkets will not be replacing or refunding any product purchased through the site, all refunds/exchange will be managed and accepted by the customer services team 600 54 00 48

How to exchange or replace a product

In case of an incident where a replacement product may be required again, please contact the customer services team who will arrange this in line with the Terms & Conditions for replacement and/or faulty products.

Electrical returns

Return policies in Electronics & Electrical goods. 

  • Purchased items can be returned/refunded only if the product returned with all the original packaging materials, accessories, manuals, (with free goods, if any) supplied at the time of your order. 
  • Return/Refund does not apply to Laptops, Printers, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, SLRs, Action Cameras, Personal Care, Hygienic products, Magazines and Books if the product is not in sealed condition. 
  • Digital Cards which are sent to the customers in activation codes cannot be returned or refunded. 
  • Any electronics/electrical products shall be returned/refunded, if found defective and reported within 7 days, only after authorized service center’s technical verification for the reported defect as “manufacturing defect” (the verification process can take up to 4 business days) Exchange or Refund will be done only after the technical report.
  • Returns/refunds on supplier delivered large products such as Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Cooking Ranges, Dish Washers, Cooking Hobs & Hoods, TVs, Sports & Fitness equipment etc. cannot be accepted if the packs are opened. Please make sure with the delivery team before unpacking. 
  • Returns/refunds on Supplier delivered products, Major Appliances, TV’s, etc. products will be exchanged or refunded based on manufacturer’s authorized service center’s technical verification report and approval.
  • Service, delivery and installation charges are non-refundable once performed.

Grocery Return


Period of Return

Perishable goods (e.g., meat, vegetables, fresh food)

Within 24 hours.

Non-perishable goods (e.g., toiletries, cleaning products)

Up to 7 days

Courier returns

Call customer services on 600 54 00 48 to arrange a courier collection. If you paid by card, we would refund you on the same once the quality check has been carried out.

Charges and getting your refund

Returns are free of charge for dead received items. Charges will apply for items where you the customer change your mind after the product has been shipped.

Delivery charges

If you have told us you're going to return all of your order within seven working days of receiving it due to faulty products we will refund your delivery charge in full. If you're only returning some of the products, or all of the products but after the seven working day period, your delivery charge will not be refunded and further charges for uplift may apply.

Getting your refund

If a courier collects your returned product, your refund will be on the card you used to pay and will be as per the next billing cycle once we've received your returned product on Lulu approval. You must also return any free or discounted products bought together as part of a promotional offer. If the product does not fully comply with our policy, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee.

RETURN and WARRANTY POLICY for THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS / RE-SELLERS – Products which are “Sold by” others on LuLu Website.


These extra terms are applicable in addition to the usual terms and conditions if you have purchased any goods that were not manufactured or sold by In other words, if you purchase products on from third-party vendors and/or resellers, these additional terms and conditions will apply. You recognize and acknowledge that may not always be able to control the transactions or the actions or inactions of the Vendors/re-sellers in such transactions. It is possible that some products will be sold on the Site by third parties (the "Vendors and/or re-sellers"). The following extra terms and conditions will apply when you purchase such products from Vendors/re-sellers on the site:

Any non-performance or breach of any agreement made between you and the vendor/reseller is not the fault of is unable to and does not guarantee that any transaction entered on the Site will be carried out by the Vendors/re-sellers.

Regarding the characteristics (such as quality, worth, marketability, etc.) of the goods or services that the Vendor/re-seller proposes to offer for sale on the Site, makes no representation or warranty. The sale of any goods or services on the Site is not supported or endorsed in any way by disclaims all responsibility for any mistakes or omissions, whether they were made by them or by other parties.

You expressly waive any claims you may have in this regard under any applicable law and release and indemnify and/or any of its officers and representatives from any expense, loss, responsibility, or other consequence of any of the conduct of the Vendors/re-sellers on the Site. Despite its best efforts, is unable to exercise any editorial control over the data given by other Vendors or re-sellers and made available on the Site. Information provided by other Vendors or re-sellers may offend, hurt, be inaccurate, or be misleading to you. When using the Site, kindly exercise caution, common sense, and safe dealing. Please be aware that there are dangers associated with dealing with foreign nationals, children, or anyone behaving dishonestly.

These transactions are subject to all other provisions of this User Agreement.

The same high standards of customer service and product authenticity apply to all LuLu sellers. In essence, you get what you paid for in accordance with the stated commodity.

As always, our customer service team is available to assist you with any problems you may encounter, and we strive to address any complaints quickly and satisfactorily or concerns you may have.



Only items that fit the following criteria will be approved as returnable:


Mobile devices and Electronics

  • The item must be sent back in its original condition, sealed, and unopened.
  • Unless there is a manufacturing flaw, we will deny the refund and send the item back to you if the product has been used, the original box has been opened, or the seal has been broken.
  • If there is a manufacturing problem and the product is not functioning, the original box, instruction manual, and all other accessories must also be returned.


Health and Beauty

  • Hair and personal care items, vitamins, dietary supplements, and products for sports nutrition cannot be returned.
  • Opened or used beauty (cosmetics, skin care, etc.), scent, and health goods will not be accepted.



  • Underwear, lingerie, swimsuits, bras, socks, and tights are examples of clothing that cannot be returned.
  • Clothing items can only be returned in their original packaging, unused, unworn, unwashed, undamaged, and with all of the tags and labels still attached.
  • All footwear, eyewear, watches, bags, and luggage must be returned with all tags still attached to the original packaging.


Home & Kitchen

  • Items such as furniture, major home appliances, and home décor can only be returned if they have not been used, are undamaged, and are still in their original packing.
  • Products for bedding must be returned unwrapped.
  • Unless they are defective, products that have been used, modified, assembled, or installed will not be accepted.


Outdoors & Sports

  • Only products that have not been used and are still in their original packaging are acceptable for returns.


Toys and Games

  • Dress-up outfits are not returnable in toys and games.
  • Used, activated, or missing component toys and games will not be accepted for return.


Baby Products

  • Items for personal hygiene, feeding and training aids, diapers and accessories, bathroom goods, and medical treatment items are not eligible for returns.
  • To be eligible for a refund, baby products must be sent back in their original packaging, sealed, and unopened.



All items in the grocery store cannot be returned.



  • If the product has been used, the original box has been opened, or the original seal has been removed, we will decline the refund and send the product back to you unless there is a manufacturing defect. 
  • If the product is not functioning because of a manufacturing defect, the original box, instruction manual, and all other accessories must also be returned.


Home Improvement & Tools

  • The product must be sent back in its original state with all of the original box and materials (manuals, accessories, etc.)
  • Items that have been used or damaged cannot be returned.



  • Returnable books must be unused, undamaged, and in their original packaging in order to be accepted.


Pet supplies

  • Products that are returnable must be returned in the same state that it was received in by the consumer.
  • It must be unused, and in their original packaging. 
  • You cannot return perishable items, including food treats and supplements.


Office products and supplies

  • The product must be sent back in its original state with all of the original box and materials (manuals, accessories, etc.)
  • Anything that has been used or damaged will not be accepted for returns.


General conditions applicable to all returns

If the product does not match the requirements for customer returns, third party sellers or re-sellers shall have the right to refuse or reject the customer's return request. To speed up the return procedure, the customer might be asked for photographs of the goods that has been returned initiated or that has been damaged.

If the returned item does not adhere to any of the seller's policies or conditions, the seller reserves the right to return the item to the buyer after accepting and receiving the return request. If the merchandise cannot be returned, the client will not be eligible for any refunds.


We will make three (3) attempts to deliver the product back to the consumer if a product is denied for a return at any point. The item will be sent for liquidation if all three delivery efforts are unsuccessful, and the customer won't be allowed to ask for the delivery of the merchandise again.


You have up to seven (7) days from the time you get an item to return it as long as it is undamaged and in the same condition as when you received it.

We are aware that it is possible to change your mind after making an online purchase if you have not yet received the product. In this case, you may still be able to cancel your order.

The money would be repaid if you had paid electronically (with a credit card, debit card, or other payment card), although it would take some time for the refund to appear on your card account due to different card issuers. However, you can select the LuLu wallet as a refund option and receive the full refund amount to the LuLu wallet connected to your registered LuLu account if you need an immediate refund.

You can reach the customer service team at any time by dialling 600 54 00 48 or via the Contact Us page for a return of an item or refunds.

The item will be examined to see how it was packaged, and if it is still in sellable condition, your money will be reimbursed.



If a delivery attempt is made, shipping costs will be subtracted from the total, and the remaining amount will be refunded to you. If the product is not as described, is defective, or does not work as described, this cost will be waived. In other words, if you just changed your mind and are returning an item, LuLu will keep the shipping costs and only reimburse you for the amount you actually paid for the item (s).


Only if the returned item is broken, defective, or exhibits a manufacturing flaw will you be reimbursed for the shipping costs.



On LuLu, there are various types of sellers, and thus, various Warranty offerings. The warranty may be limited to no warranty, limited warranty, or the standard (1) year guarantee depending on the type of product. Although LuLu is not liable for such things, as a customer you have several options if you have any issues with certain vendors.



Any seller who displays a phony item on LuLu will be subject to rigorous disciplinary action. LuLu does not allow this. Any such complaint will be thoroughly investigated by our Customer Service Teams and selling counterfeit or illegal goods may result in a seller being blacklisted and having their business closed.



If your item is determined to be fake within the seven (7) day "No Questions Asked Return Period," you may return it via customer service as long as the packaging is undamaged, and it is in its original condition. It depends on the seller's approval after seven days.



Any order may be cancelled by LuLu in any situation, including the following:

  • Fraudulent business dealings: Orders placed using a false email address, a fraudulent payment method, or any other type of mass purchase may be cancelled by LuLu.
  • Wrong Image: Pictures should only be used as illustrations. A customer purchases a product whose appearance was misrepresented in advertising.
  • Wrong Price: Bulk price updates are made. if the website lists the incorrect pricing.
  • Mistakes could be made when gathering information from the internet. In different regions, certain products could have different features. A customer purchases a product that might not have an advertised function.

Your consumer rights are unaffected by our return policy.