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Lulu Gourmet Premium Croquant 300g

AED 20.70

Large Manakish Labnah Bread 1pc

AED 7.00

Anabtawi Sweets Holy Land Sweet Mix 180g

AED 24.90

Shahrazad Rahsh Sweet 320g

AED 14.85

Kuwait Flour Mills And Bakeries Arabic Bread Regag 350g

AED 9.50

Anabtawi Sweets Classic Sweet Mix 700g

AED 54.90

Hareesa With Coconut 500g

AED 13.15

Lulu Gourmet Chocolate Dates with Almond 500g

AED 35.20

Cheese Fatayer 1pc

AED 7.00

Anabtawi Sweets Classic Sweet Mix 500g

AED 46.90

Paradise Maamoul Dates 400g

AED 25.50

Large Manakish Olive and Labnah Bread 1pc

AED 7.00

Lulu Gourmet Premium Baklawa No Added Sugar 350g

AED 34.60

Lulu Gourmet Premium Baklawa 800g

AED 49.75

LuLu Cardamom Rusk 300g

AED 6.00

Modern Bakery Markouk Bread 1 Packet

AED 9.10

LuLu Fennel Rusk 300g

AED 6.00

LuLu Cashew Rusk 300g

AED 6.95

Modern Bakery Low Calorie Whole Meal Bread 4pcs

AED 2.45

Egyptian Bakery White Brown Bread Medium 4pcs 450g

AED 3.95

Golden Spike Lebanon Medium Brown Bread 4pcs

AED 1.35

Al Arz Marqook Bread 4pcs

AED 5.25

LuLu Tirsha Bitmar 1pkt

AED 2.35

Large Manakish Spinach Bread 1pc

AED 7.00

LuLu Vanilla Cake Rusk 20pcs

AED 6.50

Anabtawi Sweets Special Sweet Mix 250g

AED 29.50

Modern Bakery Protein Bread 4pcs

AED 8.25

Al Arz Lebanese Bread Large 7Pcs

AED 2.65

LuLu Plain Rusk 300g

AED 5.50

Anabtawi Sweets Classic Sweet Mix 250g

AED 25.90

Golden Spike Kaak Long Sesame 1 Packet

AED 6.25

Modern Bakery Diet Bread 4pcs

AED 3.15

Al Arz Lebanese Brown Bread Medium 5Pcs

AED 1.60

Al Arz Arabic Bread Brown 6pcs

AED 2.65

Golden Spike Beans Biscuit 150g

AED 3.40

LuLu Fruit Rusk 300g

AED 6.00

LuLu Vanilla Cake Rusk 1pkt

AED 13.00

Modern Bakery Lebanese Bread White Big Size 6pcs

AED 3.15

Modern Bakery Lebanese Bread Brown Medium Size 4pcs

AED 1.35