28 Products found


28 Products found

Sharp Meat Grinder EGPL41K3 2200W

AED 299.00

Prestige Chopper PR81518 500W

AED 135.00

Ikon Chopper IK-9601 320W

AED 89.00

Universal Rechargeable Mini Chopper UN-MC021

AED 20.00

Ikon Rechargeble Glass Chopper With Stainless Steel Blades, 300 ml, IK-CRC74

AED 59.00

Kenwood Meat Grinder, 2100W, Kebbe Maker, Sausage Maker- OWMMGP40.000WH

AED 279.00

Kenwood Meat Mincer MG470 1500W

AED 499.00

Philips Chopper HR1393/01      

AED 159.00

Ikon Meat Grinder IK-120

AED 199.00

Ikon Meat Mincer IK-TM3108

AED 139.00

Moulinex Chopper DJ520127

AED 115.00

Moulinex Chopper AT711161

AED 199.00

Black & Decker Mini Chopper SC350-B5 120W

AED 79.00

Prestige Chopper PR54923 300W

AED 99.00

Moulinex Chopper DPA1

AED 199.00

Kenwood 2-in-1 Food Processor + Chopper, 650 W, Blue, FDP22.130GY

AED 349.00

Black+Decker Meat Mincer FM1500B5 1500W

AED 239.00

Arzum 400W Chefchop 4 Blade Chopper, 1.5 L, Black, AR1161

AED 79.00

IKON Chopper IK-6603 450 Watts

AED 79.00

Ikon Safety Lock-in Lid Chopper, 350 ml, CC020

AED 79.00

Ikon Meat Grinder IK-080 800W

AED 119.00

Kenwood Chopper CHP40BK 400W

AED 119.00

Moulinex Meat Mincer ME6828 2000W

AED 439.00

Ikon Chopper IK-CH02

AED 49.00

Kenwood Meat Mincer MG510 1600W

AED 449.00

Black+Decker Vertical Chopper With Glass Bowl, 400 W, GC430-B5

Black+Decker Vertical Chopper With Glass Bowl, 400 W, GC430-B5

AED 139.00 AED 99.00

Ikon Chopper IK-CH6617 260W

AED 69.00

Black& Decker Chopper FC300B5 500W

AED 99.00