Lulu Happiness Program 

Lulu Happiness Program give you points for every transactions in the as well as in stores.

How to earn points?

Points are earned on every purchase. Every AED 1 spend will get you 1 Happiness point. Customers need to identify themselves via their mobile number or alternatively can also just show the QR code in their mobile App to the cashier. 

What is the value of points?

400 Happiness point= 1 AED

How to redeem points?

Points can be redeemed in any transaction. Points redemption will happen via an OTP sent to the registered mobile number of the customer. On successful OTP validation, customers can redeem their points.

Is there any minimum value for points redemption?

Yes. Customers need to accrue a minimum of 400 points before they can redeem the same. 400 points= 1 AED

Is there any forced redemption?

Yes, once a customer hold points worth AED 25 there will be a forced redemption. The customer will be given voucher worth AED 25

What are benefits of member pricing?

Members will enjoy instant discount of upto 10% on selected list of items. This list of items will be decided by Lulu and can change as per business need.

How will my points expire?

Points will expire 1 year from the date of accrual. 

Will I get any bonus points?

Yes, from time-to-time business can run campaigns that give out bonus points. Bonus points may have a different expiry period as compared to normal points (usually bonus points expire much faster)

Where can I go and find my points balance?

As a customer there are multiple places where you will be able to check your points:

1.    Through the mobile App (In case you have downloaded the App)

2.    Through the myProfile page on Lulu Ecommerce site

3.    Through WhatsApp bot

Our call center team will also have access to a portal where they can search by customer mobile number and get all history about points. All queries regarding the points should be directed to our call center team.