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LG OLED TV 65 Inch A1 Series, Cinema Screen Design 4K Cinema HDR WebOS Smart AI ThinQ Pixel Dimming

AED 5,999.00
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12  Month(s) Manufacturer Warranty    The item is eligible for  12  months of warranty provided by the Manufacturer/Brand from the date of purchase.Please contact Manufacturer/Brand or seller for more details.
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Product Summary

  • Self-lit pixels allow truly spectacular picture quality and a whole host of design possibilities, while the latest cutting edge technologies help deliver unprecedented levels of wonder
  • A self luminous display technology that makes all the difference to your viewing experience
  • Global testing agency Intertek has confirmed that LG OLED displays have 100% colour fidelity, this means that the colours you see on the screen closely match the colours of the original image
  • LG OLED TVs achieve full colour Volume thanks to the excellent colour reproduction technology of LG TVs
  • LG OLED TV produces an award-worthy performance every time you watch thanks to its incredibly sharp picture
  • Dolby Vision IQ intelligently adjusts picture settings based on content genre and ambient surroundings


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11 Apr, 2022
Took a few days to tweak all the settings but got the best picture of any television at any time.
06 Apr, 2022
Im the person who holds onto old appliances, etc. until I have to replace due to them breaking.This television was a surprise for me, I was still watching on a 36 screen.It's like having a movie theater in the house.I see things on the big screen that I didn't notice before.What else is nice is as I grow older, the eyesite isn't as good as it used to be, now there isn't any issue with reading any captions on a show.Picture quality and ease of setting things up is very user friendly.Until I get a bigger house, this television will have a nice cozy place in my home.
Craig Smith
07 Apr, 2022
Bought it a month ago because my wife was stuck upstairs with a broken foot and our old tv needed to be replaced. Very happy we did.
08 Apr, 2022
Bought this and very impressed with picture. Sound is good. Upset with it's remote control. Does not allow direct pointing towards tv. Buttons on remote control too close and not well pretruding from device.
10 Apr, 2022
Bought a month or so ago! Replaced a 55” Samsung. Couldn’t be happier with all the features plus the picture is amazing. Also bought an LG sound at and really like it!
12 Apr, 2022
I bought the 65 inch LG TV and I am very impressed with the picture quality. Even looks like 3-D, The picture is a quality that I couldn't even imagine would exist, it's that pure.
16 Apr, 2022
Love the brand, love the product. Great team. Amazing amazing!!!
17 Apr, 2022
Very happy with picture quality. If I have a problem it`s that setup is complicated and lack of help frustrating.
18 Apr, 2022
We moved up to 4k by purchasing our LG OLED 65 Tv. The slim design is impressive and the picture quality is great.The setup process was simple but it also had a full complement of fine adjustments for those that want to fiddle with settings.
19 Apr, 2022
picture is great, slim design, seem to have a problem with sound, one local channel when I switch to it I have to raise volume almost double to get same sound, not sure if it's an issue withTV or station other than that I would buy it again, sure its an easy fix
21 Apr, 2022
I bought my OLED tv about a week ago and I have got to say I was not disappointed with the tv upgrade! Great quality and audio as well! I very much recommend to anyone so they can experience tv how it’s meant to be at home
Retired gramps
22 Apr, 2022
We had this T.V for about two weeks. We love it. We love how clear the pictures are and they already got some apps you can click on in the screen like you tube.
Leu w
25 Apr, 2022
I got a 65 inch A1, from best buy open box for 960.00, I have a Samsung qTV, Qled very good tv, the LG is very good even thought the Samsung is brighter, but the A1 out the box is very accurate, the oled experience is very different especially for movies. I'm still getting use to the magic remote and the layout. It's worth it if you can find this deal, if not get the B1 which has the same processor as the A1 but has 2.1 hdmi for gaming or C1 for the 100 to 200 more price.
25 Apr, 2022
We have had this a little more than a month now, and it is amazing.
ben bousheri
29 Apr, 2022
i bought this tv about 6 mounth ago and im having problem with one of the HDMI input ! i caled costco for my problem and they told me that someone will contact me bout after 2 weeks nothing haoppened yet !? nobody has contacted me yet !??
29 Apr, 2022
I got this oled 65 in tv beautiful picture sounds great very happy with my choice. I replaced my 18 year old 47 in L G tv that still working with a great picture. Got to say the oled tv is so much better.
29 Apr, 2022
I had no intension of purchasing a new TV. My very reliable Samsung was working just fine. Oops, then the Samsung suddenly quite. I needed something very quick. Checking on Consumer Reports and then going to Best Buy, the sales person gave his personal choice. He has seen many tv brands at work and told me his choice would be the LG. So far it has been great. I'm having some signal problems with the cable company.
01 May, 2022
Ibought my oled about a month ago, I'm so impressed with this purchase,tv will never be the same this 65 inch oled is absolutely astonishing.I'm never leaving my living.
03 May, 2022
During our normal visits to Costco, I am the one that stops by the TV displays to marvel at the new technology and see what's being offered.The last time were in the store I hurried past the TVs to get on with our shopping.My wife stopped me and ask me to watch a display on LG OLED TV's,It was impressive and I continued on.During that visit,my wife returned to the TV section 3 times to stare at the wonderful picture quality of the LG OLED TV. We purchased a 65 inch and its by far the best TV we have ever owned.I am blown away by the quality and its performance.I cant wait for college football season. LG rocks!
06 May, 2022
The LG OLED TV is so incredible and is far superior to other brands in it's ability to transition into a framed work of art portrait on the wall. Totally amazing work of art!