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LG OLED TV 65 Inch A2 series, New 2022, Cinema Screen Design 4K Cinema HDR webOS22 with ThinQ AI Pixel Dimming - OLED65A26LA

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Product Summary

  • LG 4K SELF-LIT OLED for advanced OLED picture quality
  • Designed for a stunning movie viewing experience with Filmmaker Mode
  • Dolby Vision IQ for true-to-life picture & Dolby Atmos for immersive sound
  • Smart platform with Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+ and more
  • As certified flicker-free, low blue light displays, LG OLED TVs are easy on your eyes

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Calum Chamers
Convenient UI24 Sep, 2022
Parents can use it easily because of the convenient UI.
Allison Welch
Excellent Use of Content23 Sep, 2022
I will review the best TV of my life. When I play Nintendo and PlayStation, my son and I are using it very happily. My wife has a new hobby of watching movies at night.
Ovie Ejeheri
New TV22 Sep, 2022
Compared to other brands, LG stands out.
Mari Folarin
Perfect TV21 Sep, 2022
I think it's perfect from image quality to sound. I'm satisfied in every way.
McCarthy Kyle
Neat design20 Sep, 2022
Wherever you place it, it's good for the neat design. It's a pretty good design.
Alex McCarthy
A great color expression20 Sep, 2022
The color expression itself is excellent, so you can enjoy the best image quality without any settings. I like it.
Ricahrd Emma
This tv is slick and fast19 Sep, 2022
When I installed it in my house, it was really easy to install and it was so easy to use that even my kids can use it easily!
Yuiy Casise
This product has great features17 Sep, 2022
I think it's a TV that really values ​​the user's experience. You can easily feel that the technology of the world has advanced. It can be linked with many programs, and it can also be used as a computer screen, so the cost performance is good.
Danny Ward
The screen is close to reality31 Aug, 2022
Display the most similar screen. It is a really realistic screen.
Tamona Thin
proper quality31 Aug, 2022
The sound is much higher than the average of other manufacturers. A typical application does not require sound or anything similar, but the price should also be expected. It's great for the price!
Spass Leen
Bright colors with stylish design30 Aug, 2022
The sound from the TV itself is good. In everything else, TV is the best and should be recommended in any case.
Olwin Carva
gaming high-end TV29 Aug, 2022
I enjoy YouTube and PlayStation. This TV allows you to enjoy them fully. When you enjoy content, both graphics and sound are satisfactory.
Kelvin Romio
The best TV I've ever had11 Aug, 2022
This is my first LG home appliance, and I love it. The video quality is the best among the TVs I've ever had. Smart functions make my life really convenient.
Aron Jones
Wonderful features09 Aug, 2022
This tv has a lot of wonderful features. The design is very slim and sleek. And the sound and picture quality of the TV itself is amazing. It connects really well with remote, so the reaction speed is really fast.
Taylor Brown
Amazing!08 Aug, 2022
This TV is a surprise in a word! The picture quality is incredible, and the colors are very vivid. It was a series of surprises when I watched the movie. It's the best.
Jeffrey Usa
Choose with no regrets!04 Aug, 2022
I bought it without any doubt as it is a product of a large company. There is no delay when changing channels and the interlocking program works well. It is so clear that you can see the wrinkles of the actors!
31 May, 2022
Upon receiving this TV I was surprised on how thin the screen is. I was afraid to break it when I unboxed it. Setup was super easy and it was ready to go right out of the box.All the inputs are on the left side of the TV when facingthe screen. The power is on the right.It detected my set-top box and game console in the HDMI outputs. (There are 3)The thing that I wish it had was better access to apps. I have not been able to find a way to get the MLB.Tv app to watch MLB games. That is a primary use for me. The image is crisp and clear. The blacks are deep. The amount of glare is minimal even on a bright room during the day.
01 Jun, 2022
Me and my family watches spanish novellas and I play videogames on this awesome t.v great colors!
15 Jun, 2022
Right out of the box this this TV is just beautiful, from its physical design to the colors and black produced by the OLEDs are just amazing. We had been looking to replace our old TV in the bedroom and this was the perfect choice. LG has made significant improvements to their TV line up over the years and so far, I am impressed. The webOS, which is the LGs operating system has gotten a much-needed upgrade. It is much faster, better setup and loaded with options, combined with the OLED and you have your self an impressive and immersive viewing experience. So, as I had mentioned earlier this is an OLED 65 in model. It features 4K (2160) resolution with Dolby Vision, and HDR 10 with 60Hz refresh rate. It has 3 HDMI ports, HDMI Arc port, 2 USB ports, ethernet port, Bluetooth and your traditional RF antenna input. The Tv has 20-watt downward firing speakers with Dolby Atmos and is compatible with your favorite home assistant. The TV also comes with a magic remote. If you are not familiar with the LG’s Magic remote, it is basically a mouse for your TV. It allows you to easily access everything on the TV with a pointer. The magic remote is particularly handy when you are browsing the internet on your TV. My personal favorite features of this TV is the ability to mirror the tv screen, audio or both to my phone. For example, my wife and I wanted to watch a movie and enjoy our new tv, but our kids were sleeping in our room. So, I was able to send the audio over to my phone keep the video on the Tv, which was awesome. The audio quality was great, no lag and the volume was just right and did not wake up the kids. We love this feature and now have been using it all the time. Overall, I could not be more satisfied with my new tv, our movie nights have a much better experience now. The picture, the sound, webOS and the features are just amazing. My only gripe is that I wish it was bigger. Bigger TV is always better.
30 Jun, 2022
Easy set up. Lots of variety for watching television. The colors and graphics are amazing.great picture.Downloading is easy.The sound is high quality with various settings as well.The remote is easy to use and self guiding.The smart features are amazing and easy to use. I would highly recommend this tv.