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LG OLED TV 48 Inch C1 Series, New 2021 Cinema Screen Design, 4K Cinema HDR webOS Smart with ThinQ AI Pixel Dimming OLED48C1PVB

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Product Summary

  • Display Size : 48"
  • Display Feature: 4K Ultra HD
  • Smart TV: Yes
  • LG 4K SELF-LIT OLED for infinite contrast & 100% colour fidelity
  • Advanced ?9 Gen4 AI processor 4K for ultimate picture & sound
  • Exceptional cinema & sport with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos
  • Powerful gaming with HDMI 2.1, VRR, HFR, Game Optimiser
  • Low blue light & flicker free for less eye fatigue and safer viewing


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03 Apr, 2021
Best OLED display for gaming right now, almost perfect for the new consoles 120 FPS and 1ms response time with the HDMI 2.1. Would love to have a 32 inch model which probably wont happen however please make a 42 model ASAP. This display seems perfect for gaming competitive gaming requires a smaller screen like those 27 32in monitors however the only OLED monitor LG is dropping this year isn't for gaming which only has 60 FPS and very expensive. The 27 32 inch OLED Monitor, 240hz, 1ms response time, etc wont be made anytime soon so our main/best option is this TV as of now.
12 Jun, 2021
Love my new LG OLED TV (2021). It’s my first Smart TV and it was so easy to learn how to use it. Has a great remote with all the features I need. Especially like the pointer which makes it so easy to navigate. I waited on adding a sound bar and find now I won’t need one, the sound is great without one. It’s clear, rich and good tone. The picture quality is fantastic, so clear and with true black it gives a rich depth of color saturation that is beautiful to watch. The 48” size is perfect for my living room and with the thin edge design the picture area looks so much bigger.
07 Jun, 2021
I've had my eye on an OLED for some time to replace my older flat panel TV so when the opportunity to purchase the 48in C! came my way I simply couldn't resist. What a great purchase indeed! For those of us who don't understand terms like 4K, near infinite contrast ratio, or perfect blacks let me just say this TV has stunning picture quality with lifelike images and graphics especially in dim light. A picture that's virtually blur free and visible at all angles. Going with the mid size option for my smaller living room was a great choice but consider the size you'll need to fill your space. The stand supports the TV well and feels very solid although it sits fairly low, so placing a soundbar in front blocks the screen a bit. Sound quality is decent and well balanced resulting in clean sounding dialogue but I find using a soundbar improves the overall listening experience tremendously. Other than not figuring out how to synch the 'Magic' remote with my non LG soundbar I found the initial set up especially easy using the onscreen step by step instructions. I am getting used to point and click to access online content and I may someday even try the voice control functionality which is built right in. Get your favorites like Netflix, Disney , Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube and more.The LG C1 is an amazing all around TV.
Favorite TV
15 Jun, 2021
Bought at Best Buy. Great experience. Nice features.
07 Jun, 2021
I purchased this about 3 weeks ago. The set up was surprisingly easy for a technology challenged over 60 person. I just have to say that I love the picture on this. I am not a videophile and don't watch a lot of television or movies. But I was hoping that I could have a wonderful experience for the times when I do watch. And this TV has given me that. It is also nice that we can see the beautiful picture from any place in our living room. The sound is good, better than what I am used to. However, I do still have trouble understanding many things that are being said. I would definitely recommend this.
15 Jun, 2021
I bought this TV to pair up with a PS5 (that I've yet to obtain), but even on its own this TV is far and away the best one I've ever owned. The visual quality can't be beat, the quality of the materials is unparalleled, and the built in software does exactly what you need it to without any hitches or hiccups. I only wish there was a wider range of available apps (missing Crunchyroll, for example), though that might happen in the future.
06 Jun, 2021
Ready setup and great picture. Sounds quality also very good. We may not need a separate Soundbar.
22 Jun, 2021
Great piece of kit. Especially when playing HD content
04 Jun, 2021
I have nothing but good things to say about this TV so far. Great picture. Great functionality. My only reservation from giving this a 5 the new “Smart” remote is not so smart. There is no “last channel” function. In this day and age, what remote control doesn’t allow you to toggle between two channels?!
Tim 2021
21 Jun, 2021
This is the greatest tv I ever owned. Picture is awesome so clear and lifelike. Sound is great and clear. Looks great in our living room. One great OLED Tv !!
30 May, 2021
I've had the TV for a few weeks, and I'm in the process of exchanging the panel. The image is beautiful, and OS works very well, and the sound is wonderful (no need for a sound bar). However, there's a coil whine/cackling noise coming out the back of the TV even when it's off. It's a disconcerting electrical noise, and I'm getting a replacement panel because of it.
26 Jun, 2021
bought 5 weeks ago. my wife and i are continually amazed at the picture quality
29 May, 2021
I've had this for a month specifically for gaming on my ps5 and the gamer setting are amazing
09 Jul, 2021
Recieved the TV through Amazon on June 16th. There was no LED light on and it did not power up. Called LG and it took a week to have a new power supplied shipped and installed. It worked for 3 days and failed just like before. Wanted to return the TV for a replacement and this was denied. Their policy is to attempt to fix it 3 times prior to replacing it. Now 3 weeks into the ordeal and still no replacement part for attempt #2. There is no sense of urgency or ownership for their products. Called Amazon today and will return the TV for a full refund. LG Customer Service could learn much from Amazon. Will not invest in LG products going forward including replacing the TV and now we need a refrigerator.
07 Jul, 2021
Saw the tv on display at Costco and was amazed at the colors and quality, bought it and took it home and very satisfied!
Perfect TV
23 Jul, 2021
This is the clearest picture of any television I have ever seen. Only problem I do not know how to use all the features it has. Not sure how to program the remote. Wish it how better instruction for an old 77 year old man.
I am Mrchrisd
17 Jul, 2021
I am still learning but so far it has not disappointed me great picture and sound Learning curve on operating the remote so much to learn you have to get help (from the tv no less) But you won't be disappointed it's worth the effort for the great results
23 Jul, 2021
The OLED48C1PUB is an amazing television. The picture quality is superb as well as the sound. Colors are so much more vivid thanks to the deep black and bright whites. I’ve been missing out all this time. Images are so sharp and clear. It’s like being there in person. The audio quality is amazing as well. Clear and sharp sounds. You no longer have to miss out of what was said. Set up was super easy too. I was a little hesitant to take the television out of the box due to how thin the screen is! Lol. Super thin! I’m in love with this television. Thank you LG!
23 Jul, 2021
This LG 48 TV makes for the best computer monitor. I was previously using 3 26 monitors and am now much happier on this single 48 screen. Multiple monitors are good, but having just one monitor lets me use the computer how it was meant to be used, without the multi monitor weirdness and big thick bezels between the screens. The high refresh rates are better for my eyes, and this is also a big step up along the lines of colors and brightness. I actually have a lot more desk space available too.Four HDMI inputs allows me to add my work laptop without fiddling around with single HDMI computer monitors or junk KVM switches. Also have all of the LG Smart TV apps for a bit of down time after work.For gaming, the G Sync support lets me play at almost any refresh rate, no more screen tearing! It can play Xbox Series X at 120Hz, and even old classic arcade games at very low refresh rates without a hiccup.I'm really enjoying this screen, I'm glad it comes in many additional sizes so that I can have one in every room of the house.Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.
18 Jul, 2021
I have had a few weeks now to really sit down and learn all the features this TV has to offer and it's amazing. The picture quality is out of this world. My gaming looks amazing and the speaker is much better than I thought it would be.