890 Products found

Biscuits & Confectionery

890 Products found

Gullon Bio Organic Maria Biscuits 350g

OMR 1.285

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo 188g

OMR 1.370

Schogetten Alpine Milk With Nuts 100g

OMR 0.475

Starburst Very Berry Fruit Chews 165g

OMR 0.895

Galaxy Fusions Dark Chocolate With 70% Cocoa 35g

OMR 0.490

ETI Petit Beurre Tea Biscuit with Milk 1kg

OMR 1.240

Valor 70% Dark Chocolate With Orange 100g

OMR 1.420

Gullon Dibus Sharkies Biscuit Gluten Free 250g

OMR 1.105

Quely Breadsticks With Olive Oil 50g

OMR 0.340

Skittles Smoothies Fruit & Yoghurt 174g

OMR 0.915

LuLu Chocolate Cream Biscuit 90g

OMR 0.110

Betty Crocker Super Moist Family Cake Vanilla 250g

OMR 1.040

Sorbos Edible Straws Lime 128g

OMR 1.725

Cuorenro Vanilla Macaron 84g

OMR 1.355

Galaxy Jewels Assorted Chocolate With Nuts 140g

OMR 1.420

Joy Ice Cream Cups 12pcs

OMR 1.315

Milka LU Chocolate 87g

OMR 1.210

LuLu Butter Cookies 2 x 454g

OMR 2.365

Haribo Happy Cola Original 160g

OMR 0.790

Nestle Mini Mix Assorted Chocolate 480g

OMR 2.525

Solen Ozmo Hoxi Poxi Biscuit Sticks 36g

OMR 0.315

Bahlsen Pick Up Choco Biscuits 28g

OMR 0.725

Sweet N Low Sugar Free Orange Cream Cookies 162g

OMR 0.965

Askeys Cup Cones With Sweetner 21 Pcs

OMR 1.420

Gullon Vanilla Wafer Sugar Free 210g

OMR 1.000

Gullon Digestive Biscuit Gluten Free 150g

OMR 0.790

Relish Cookies Assorted 12 x 42g

OMR 1.050

Chupa Chups Pinkis Jellies 160g

OMR 0.910

MARS Chocolate Bar 51g x 6pcs

OMR 1.415

Cadbury Boost Duo 68g

OMR 0.775

Britannia Marie Gold Tea Time Biscuits 90g x 8pcs

OMR 0.970

Cadbury Chocolate Double Decker 54.5g

OMR 0.580

Ferrero Kinder Joy Egg For Boys 3 x 20g

OMR 0.840

Papadopoulos Caprice Wafer Rolls Dark Chocolate Flavoured Cream 115g

OMR 1.010

Britannia Bakers Pride Butter Cookies 400g

OMR 1.365

LuLu Ice Cream Crunchy Cups 180g

OMR 1.495

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers Parmesan 187g

OMR 1.865

Britannia Nutri Choice Almond And Milk Oats Cookies 75g 5+1

OMR 1.050

Britannia Digestive Light Biscuits 225g

OMR 0.490

Cape Cookies Mini Muesli Yoghurt Cookies 200g

OMR 1.050