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Food Storage

382 Products found

LuLu Aluminium Containers With Lids 10pcs

OMR 0.305

Athar Paper Cup Size 8oz 25pcs

OMR 0.760

LuLu Multipurpose Aluminium Foil Size 7.75m x 30cm 25sq.ft 1pc

OMR 0.445

Sanita Cooking & Baking Paper Size: 30cm x 10m 1Roll

OMR 0.700

Home Mate White Garbage Size 46cm x 52cm 30pcs

OMR 0.550

Home Mate Plastic Cups 2oz 20pcs

OMR 0.420

Diamond Aluminum Foil Size 60.9m x 30.4cm 200sq.ft 1pc

OMR 3.300

Home Mate Aluminium Containers 5pcs

OMR 1.260

LuLu Foam Plate 7inch 25pcs

OMR 0.605

Home Mate Garbage Bags Wavetop Oxo-Biodegradable 50 Gallons Size Medium 75 x 103cm 20pcs

OMR 1.490

Sanita Paper Cups Size 9oz 50pcs

OMR 0.600

Athar Table Cover 100x100cm 4pcs

OMR 0.945

LuLu Paper Cake Cups 8cm 100pcs

OMR 0.375

Sanita Tie Oxo-Biodegradable Garbage Bags Extra Large 55 Gallons 8pcs

OMR 1.155

Home Mate Aluminium Containers 10Pcs

OMR 0.515

Home Mate Biodegradable HD Garbage Bags 5Gallons 45cm x 50cm 20pcs

OMR 0.370

Sanita Cling Film Size 30cm x 30m 1pc

OMR 0.525

Sanita Club Sufra Oxo-Biodegradable Jumbo Size 85 x 107/3400cm 40pcs

OMR 3.140

LuLu Aluminium Containers With Lids 10pcs

OMR 1.180

LuLu Foam Plate 10inch 25pcs

OMR 0.685

Athar Paper Cup 2.5oz 50pcs

OMR 0.390

Sanita Food Storage Bags Small No. 8 Size 33 x 21cm 40pcs

OMR 0.525

LuLu Aluminium Containers With Lids 10pcs

OMR 0.340

Hala Table Covers Oxo-Biodegradable Size 100 x 100-7600cm 19pcs 3+1

OMR 1.150

Athar Aluminium Container 83185 10pcs

OMR 1.315

LuLu Foam Plate 7inch 50pcs

OMR 1.105

Athar Garbage Bag Size 85 x 110cm 40pcs

OMR 1.775

LuLu Foam Cup 8oz 25pcs

OMR 0.340

Home Mate White Garbage Bags Size 54cm x 60cm 30pcs

OMR 0.725

LuLu Plastic Plates 18cm 25pcs

OMR 0.735

Sanita Trash Bags Biodegradable 5 Gallons Size 50 x 46cm 30pcs

OMR 0.630

LuLu Foam Plate Round 9inch 50pcs

OMR 1.155

Hala Oxo Biodegradable Table Covers Size 100 x100 120 Sheet 6 Rolls

OMR 1.890

Classic Large Size Oven Bags Size 355 x 508mm 5pcs

OMR 1.230

Home Mate Aluminium Containers With Lid 83120-CP 10pcs

OMR 0.895

LuLu Plastic Plates 26cm 25pcs

OMR 1.155

Sanita Premium Aluminum Foil 37.5sq.ft. Size 7.62m x 45cm 1pc

OMR 0.735

Home Mate Plastic Cups 6oz 50pcs

OMR 0.290

LuLu Multipurpose Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil 37.5sq.ft

OMR 0.655

Home Mate Lemon Scented Garbage Bags 3 x 30's Size 54cm x 60cm

OMR 1.735