371 Products found

Food Storage

371 Products found

LuLu Plastic Trays Clear No.3 500g

OMR 0.920

Hala Table Covers Oxo-Biodegradable Size 100 x 100 7500cm 4+1

OMR 1.250

Home Mate Garbage Bags 50Gallons 75cm x 105cm 20pcs

OMR 1.735

LuLu Cling Film Size 300m x 45cm 1pc

OMR 3.415

LuLu Crystal Plates 5pcs

OMR 1.525

LuLu Lemon Scented Garbage Bags Size 46cm x 52cm 30pcs

OMR 0.815

LuLu Foam Plate 7inch 25pcs

OMR 0.605

LuLu Foam Plate 3 Compartment 9inch 25pcs

OMR 0.620

LuLu Plastic Knife White 50pcs

OMR 0.340

Home Mate Plastic Cups 2oz 20pcs

OMR 0.420

LuLu Paper Napkins Square 33cm x 33cm 2ply 25pcs

OMR 0.370

Fomme Kids Face Mask MG-2 1pc

OMR 0.685

Home Mate Oven Bags Large Size 406mm x 444mm 5pcs

OMR 0.655

Sanita Premium Cling Film 300sq.ft Size 30cm x 91.44m 1pc

OMR 1.145

Sanita Club Sufra Oxo-Biodegradable Jumbo Size 85 x 107/3400cm 40pcs

OMR 3.140

Athar Aluminium Container 83120 10pcs

OMR 1.050

LuLu Plastic Spoon Clear 50pcs

OMR 0.500

Home Mate White Garbage Size 46cm x 52cm 30pcs

OMR 0.550

Fomme Disposable Isolation Gown 1pc

OMR 2.650

Home Mate Lemon Scented Garbage Bags 10Gallons 54cm x 60cm 30pcs

OMR 0.935

Fomme LDPE Apron Blue Size 1200 x 740 100pcs

OMR 2.915

Diamond Garbage Bags Ultra Strong Small Size 62 x 83cm 18pcs

OMR 2.285

LuLu White Plastic Tray No.4 500g

OMR 0.865

Home Mate Garbage Bags Wavetop Oxo-Biodegradable 50 Gallons Size Medium 75 x 103cm 20pcs

OMR 1.490

Sanita Table Covers Sufra Matwiya Family Size 120 x 150cm 20pcs

OMR 3.140

LuLu Garbage Bags 67Gallon Size 105x125cm 10pcs

OMR 1.490

Glad Zipper Food Storage Freezer Bags Quart Size 16.8cm x 18cm 40pcs

OMR 1.050

Classic Snap & Seal Food Storage & Freezer Bags 1Quart Size 17.8 x 19.6cm 50pcs

OMR 1.525

LuLu Clear Plastic Trays Clear No.1 500g

OMR 0.920

Sanita Cling Film Size 30cm x 30m 1pc

OMR 0.475

Sanita Sandwich Bag Size: 162mm x 175mm 150pcs

OMR 0.840

Athar Aluminium Container 83185 10pcs

OMR 1.315

LuLu Zipper Freezer Bag Size 18x21cm 50pcs

OMR 1.315

Sanita Cling Film 200sq.Ft 1pc

OMR 0.865

Melita Coffee Filter No 2 40pcs

OMR 1.000

LuLu Aluminium Containers With Lids 10pcs

OMR 1.180

LuLu Plastic Containers with Lids Capacity 500ml 20pcs

OMR 0.760

LuLu Foam Plate 10inch 25pcs

OMR 0.685

Sanita Hassir Disposable Table Cover Size 120cm x 120cm 30pcs

OMR 3.140

Home Mate Ice Cream Spoon 100pcs

OMR 0.725