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Oats & Bars

112 Products found

That’s It Fruit Bar Apple + Banana 35g

OMR 1.040

Forpro Rice Chips With Mung Beans 60g

OMR 0.825

Nutrigold Quick Cook Oatmeal 500g

OMR 0.850

Morn Flake Hawaiian Crunchy Granola 500g

OMR 1.650

Fuel 10K Golden Syrup Porridge 70g

OMR 0.750

Zebra Cherry Tart Raw Fruit & Nut Bar 35g

OMR 0.675

White's Granola, Hazelnut Almonds and Honey, 450 g

OMR 2.750

Ma Baker Giant Bar Rolled Oats & Pecan 90 g

OMR 0.790

Mornflake Quick Oats 500g

OMR 1.250

Quaker Quick 1 Minute Oats 1.19kg

OMR 3.275

Mornflakes Orchard Oat Granola 500g

OMR 1.375

Zebra Vegan Pro Strawberry Protein Bar 40g

OMR 0.750

Quaker Whole Oats 400g

OMR 0.700

Be Kind Protein Bar Almond & Coconut 3 x 30g

OMR 1.850

Sarchio Organic Quinoa and Cranberries Bars 80g

OMR 1.975

Quaker White Oats 2 x 500g

OMR 1.390

White's Organic Oat Flakes 1kg

OMR 1.750

Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars Peanut Butter 12pcs 253g

OMR 2.285

Fuel 10k Porridge Oats Apple & Cinnamon 70g

OMR 0.750

Oateo Instant Oats 1kg

OMR 1.760

Heart Land Oats 1.5kg

OMR 1.650

Mornflake Jumbo Oats 500g

OMR 0.850

Oomf Skinny Oats Golden Syrup Flavour 50g

OMR 1.150

Ma Baker Giant Bar Rolled Oats & Coconut 90g

OMR 0.790

Delicatalia Organic Cereal Bar With Varied Fruit 50g

OMR 0.945

Bob's Red Mill Organic Rolled Oats 907g

OMR 4.190

Bob's Red Mill Quick Cooking Rolled Oats Gluten Free 794g

OMR 4.715

Essential Everyday Strawberries And Cream Instant Oatmeal 350g

OMR 2.050

Bob's Red Mill Organic Whole Grain Rolled Oats 453 g

OMR 2.205

Essential Everyday Quick Oats 510g

OMR 1.490

Zebra Vegan Pro Strawberry & Yoghurt Protein Bar 40g

OMR 0.750

Jungle Oats Original 500g

OMR 1.155

Berry Hills White Oats 2 x 500g

OMR 0.990

Nutrigold Instant Oatmeal 500g

OMR 0.850

LuLu White Oats 500g

OMR 0.530

Jungle Oats Original 1kg

OMR 1.420

Delicatalia Organic Fruit & Nut Bar 40g

OMR 0.970

Jungle Oatso Easy Chocolate Flavour 500g

OMR 1.750

Bob's Red Mill Oatmeal Classic Gluten Free 51g

OMR 1.315

Moma Diary Free Coconut & Chia Porridge 55g

OMR 0.775