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Filipino Food

18 Products found

Century Tuna Flakes In Vegetable Oil 180g

OMR 0.445

UFC Canton Noodles 454g

OMR 0.800

LuLu Pinoy Lasa Nata Pina 340g

OMR 0.620

Hobe Golden Bihon 227g

OMR 0.265

PR Egg Noodle 400g

OMR 0.575

LuLu Pinoy Lasa Halo Halo in Syrup 340g

OMR 1.025

Century Tuna Hot And Spicy 180g

OMR 0.445

LuLu Pinoy Lasa Nata De Coco White 340g

OMR 0.725

UFC Banana Chili Sauce 320g

OMR 0.260

LuLu Pinoy Lasa Sweet Coconut Spread 340g

OMR 0.830

Century Tuna With Calamansi 180g

OMR 0.445

LuLu Pinoy Lasa Sugar Palm Fruit Red In Syrup 340g

OMR 0.600

LuLu Cornstarch Sticks 227g

OMR 0.370

Century Tuna Caldereta 180g

OMR 0.445

UFC Canton Noodle 227g

OMR 0.525

Datu Puti Vinegar 1Litre

OMR 0.495

Fairco Fine Foods Potato Stix 50g

OMR 0.305

M.Y. San Grahams Chocolate Crackers 225g

OMR 0.605