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Rice,Pasta & Noodles

312 Products found

India Gate Classic Basmati Rice 2kg

OMR 2.890

LuLu Premium Basmati Rice 5kg

OMR 3.950

LuLu White Rice 5kg

OMR 1.700

LuLu Idly Rice 2kg

OMR 1.250

Double Horse Jeerakasala Rice 2kg

OMR 1.950

Heinz Classic Organic Cream Of Tomato Soup 400g

OMR 0.920

LuLu Long Grain Kernel Basmati Rice 3kg

OMR 1.775

LuLu Mickey Mouse Kids Pasta 2 x 400g

OMR 0.600

Al Madinah Super Basmati Rice 5kg

OMR 3.950

LuLu Cornetto Rigate Big Pasta 400g

OMR 0.290

Knorr Cup-A-Soup Cream of Chicken 4 x 18g

OMR 0.670

Barilla Angel Hair n.1 Wheat Semolina Pasta 500g

OMR 0.825

Al Madinah Super Basmati Rice 10kg

OMR 7.330

Indomie Mi Goreng Cup Noodles 2 x 75g

OMR 0.550

Knorr Wheat Tomato Soup 95g

OMR 0.605

Batchelors Cup a Soup with Croutons Cream of Asparagus 117g

OMR 1.025

Pasta Zara Couscous 500g

OMR 1.155

LuLu Ponni Rice 2kg

OMR 1.100

Baxters Carrot & Coriander Soup 400g

OMR 1.100

Indomie Fried Instant Noodles Spicy Curry 90g

OMR 0.175

Double Horse Jeerakasala Rice 5kg

OMR 4.300

Al Ghazaal Gold Premium XXL Rice 5kg

OMR 4.400

LuLu Thailand Rice 2kg

OMR 0.790

Mrs. Cubbison's Cheese And Garlic Croutons 142g

OMR 1.315

Silver Swan Jasmine Rice 10kg

OMR 6.290

Barilla Penne Rigate Gluten Free 400g

OMR 1.880

LuLu Bardhaman Jeerakasala Rice 2kg

OMR 1.990

Emirates Macaroni Floral Pasta Powerpuff 400g

OMR 0.475

LuLu White Rice 2kg

OMR 0.825

LuLu Thailand Rice 5kg

OMR 1.775

Picagrill Natural Croutons 75g

OMR 0.370

Kohinoor Extra Long Basmati Rice 5kg

OMR 5.650

Mr.Organic Italian Organic Whole Wheat Penne Rigate Pasta 500g

OMR 1.975

Al Aqsa Mumtaz XXL Basmati Rice 5kg

OMR 4.400

Indomie Spicy Beef Flavour Noodles 80g x 5 Pieces

OMR 0.790

Azizaa Basmati Rice Gold Value Pack 5kg

OMR 4.490

LuLu Thai Glutinous Rice 5kg

OMR 3.750

Ervan Rice Vermicelli 200g

OMR 0.250

Pasta Zara Stelle Macaroni No.18 500g

OMR 0.690

Heinz Classic Mushroom Soup Cream 400g

OMR 0.895