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Jif Ultra Fast Cleaner Spray Everywhere 500 ml

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Product Summary

  • PERFECTLY CLEAN SURFACES IN 10 SECONDS: Give your home the exceptional cleaning it deserves in just 10 seconds with Jif Ultra Fast Everywhere Spray for clean surfaces.
  • REMOVES TOUGH DIRT AND STAINS FROM ALL SURFACES: From your bathroom to your kitchen, carpet and clothes, this versatile cleaning spray removes stubborn dirt and stains from all surfaces of your home.
  • LEAVES NO MARK ON SOFT SURFACES: Jif’s fast-acting formula helps remove dirt and stains from all surfaces including soft fabrics without leaving behind any marks.
  • RESTORES NATURAL SHINE AND TRANSPARENCY: Use the Jif everywhere cleaner liquid to restore your home to its original brilliance and shine.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Our Jif cleaner comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle that covers even the hard-to-reach areas, leaving behind spotless surfaces every time.
  • NO RINSE NEEDED: Simply spray and wipe off. Just Jif it and make your home cleaning an effortless job.


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