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Fruits & Vegetables

177 Products found

Americana French Fries 1kg

Americana French Fries 1kg

KWD 0.600 KWD 0.490

LuLu Peas and Carrot Mix 2 x 450g

LuLu Peas and Carrot Mix 2 x 450g

KWD 0.650 KWD 0.590

Emborg Broad Beans 450g

KWD 0.595

Cream Of The Crop Hash Browns 680g

KWD 0.750

LuLu Frozen Chopped Molokhia 400g

KWD 0.340

Emborg Peas & Carrot Mix 900g

KWD 0.995

LuLu Frozen Spinach Leaves 450g

KWD 0.390

Plein Soleil Broccoli 400g

KWD 0.675

Emborg Broccoli Mix 750g

KWD 1.150

McCain Golden Long French Fries 750g

KWD 0.795

Sunbulah Frozen Chopped Green Spinach 400g

KWD 0.295

Ardo Summer Fruits 500g

KWD 1.990

Alaxia Sweet Potato Puffs 566g

KWD 2.590

LuLu French Fries 1kg

KWD 0.650

Alexia Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries 566g

KWD 2.590

Emborg Brussels & Sprouts 900g

KWD 0.950

Sadia Crinkle Cut Fries 2.5kg

KWD 2.290

Essential Everyday Sliced Peaches 454g

KWD 1.890

Sambazon Organic Orginal Blend Acai 400g

KWD 2.500

Sadia Sweet Corn 900g

KWD 0.990

Sadia Garden Peas 900g

KWD 0.890

Essential Everyday Berry Medley 340g

KWD 1.750

Seara Swirly Potato Fries 750g

KWD 1.150

Emborg Organic Chopped Spinach 400g

KWD 0.625

Natureland French Fries 600g

KWD 1.750

Birds Eye Petits Pois 545g

KWD 1.850

LuLu 3 Way Mixed Vegetables 450g

KWD 0.420

Americana Cut Green Beans 900g

KWD 0.695

Lamb Weston Hash Brown Potatoes 1kg

KWD 0.995

Farm Frites Peas & Carrots 400g

KWD 0.300

LuLu Fresh Frozen Green Peas 450g

KWD 0.420

Green Giant Mixed Vegetables With Corn 900g

KWD 1.040

2be Bio Organic Frozen Green Bean 450g

KWD 0.890

Green Giant Mixed Vegetables With Corn 2 x 450g

KWD 0.975

Green Giant Nibblers Corn On The Cob 6pcs

KWD 0.995

LuLu Edamame Lightly Salted Soya Beans in Pods 400g

KWD 0.890

LuLu Frozen Chinese Potato (Peeled) 400g

KWD 0.790

Green Giant Peas And Diced Carrots 450g

KWD 0.540

McCain Seasoned Crinkle Cut Potato Fries 1.5kg

KWD 1.790

Sambazon Organic Pure Unsweetened Acai 400g

KWD 2.500