Lulu Marketplace is a leading platform for selling your products online. We have marked our signature in 22 countries with various business portfolio that ranges from 235 hypermarkets and 24 shopping malls across the GCC, Egypt, India, and the Far East, rendering service to more than 1,100,000 shoppers daily.

Our LuLu website has a wide range of repeat customers who eagerly return to our business very often. Create your Lulu marketplace account now, reach millions of loyal customers, and become a top e-commerce player with minimum investment.



Don't just get it on the market. Get it the attention it deserves. LuLu marketplace is like being in the front of the store. When you want to showcase a new product, you put it where consumers can easily see it. We’re here for you to help sell your products at a scale you just won’t find anywhere else.


LuLu allows Sellers to take complete control of the course of business partnership. Sellers are always in full control of their sales, pricing, inventory, marketing, and logistics. LuLu helps track daily sales and analyze the performance to grow your business and provide you with top-notch customer services to build enduring connections.


We’re the industry’s best agents, curating with incomparable attention to marketing. Through a team of experts offering exclusive seller workshops, training, and seller support, LuLu focuses on empowering sellers and bringing their products to the customer's door.


Selling on luluhypermarket.com is easy and free. All you need is to register, list your catalog and start selling your products.

  • 1

    Create an Account

    Create an account in 3 simple steps. All you need is your Trade License and active bank account details.

  • 2

    List Your Products

    Complete the listing of your products & choose from one of the many options for storage, packaging & delivery.

  • 3

    Monitor sales and track

    Easily track customer orders, sales growth & payment settlements on our centralized dashboard.

  • 4

    Recieve your money

    Once you become a verified LuLu seller, payments are deposited safely to your bank account.


Where is the LuLu marketplace available?

  LuLu marketplace is currently available in UAE and soon in other GCC Countries.

How do I open a LuLu seller account?

  Do you have a valid trading license and a VAT certificate? Then it’s easy. Have an inventory of products in the category. Have a warehouse that will fulfil orders and accept returns. Then sign the business agreement.

How fast can I start selling?

  It can be as fast as 4 business days. It is subject to compliance and document review, listing creation with the right format and quality, and signing the marketplace agreement.

What categories are available to offer products?

  All Technical consumer goods are in the launch phase and other categories soon. (Specific brands or sub-categories).

How do I manage my seller account & update my catalog, inventory, etc.?

  You can do that using “LuLu Deck” your user-friendly seller dashboard, either one by one or in bulk.

Can you help me with listing my products on the LuLu marketplace?

  Yes, we can. If you have an extract of your catalog, we can help you create your listings.

How do I get paid?

  Once you start selling on LuLu, we will automatically transfer your sales to your bank account on every 15days. You will receive a payments statement for each transaction which you can find in your seller account.

How much does it cost to sell my products on LuLu?

  The breakdown of fees and commissions applies per item, and the rates differ according to the category you list with us. The rates and fees will be shared ahead of registration.

What about product returns and cancellations?

  Sometimes customers decide they no longer need or want the item they have purchased. We have clear guidelines in place to protect both our customer's and seller’s rights.