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LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier AP151MBA1, 4-stage Filtration System, 4-color Smart Display, Dual Inverter Motor

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Product Summary

  • Product Type : Air Purifier
  • Model Name : AP151MBA1
  • Room Coverage : 13m²


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Mary Ann Santos Cuyugan
11 Nov, 0025
Really like this LG Puricare mini black because you can carry anytime and anywhere  you want.
Mary Ann Santos Cuyugan
04 May, 2021
Really like this LG Puricare mini black because you can carry anytime and anywhere you want.
Debie Bersabal
30 Jan, 2021
This helps me sleep better at night knowing that the air quality is taken cared of by my LG PuriCare!
27 Jan, 2020
I am very satisfied with LG Portable purifier.Actually I buy for my baby during sleeping time near his bed.But it becomes a habit in our life now.Becoz it makes feel healthier than beforeWe used to have a cough before sleeping or while start to drive, but it is stopped after we start to use it.
Masha K.
29 Jan, 2020
Mini PuriCare in yoga classes works perfect. In the beginning of class it shows green, but during the class it goes orange, sometimes red. When it goes red, starts working crazy to purify the air around. For Shavasana(Corpse pose), I enjoy nice breeze and clean air.
Mubashar Yasin
05 Feb, 2020
One of the best product that i have purchased so far. I feel major difference while breathing at my home, car and office. This satisfaction has no alternative when it changes its colours from red to green as it assure me to breath freely :)
Edjim Ambat
05 Feb, 2020
Im a smoker person and my wife not, si the good thing in this pocket purifier was whenever you go in my house you can just pick it up and turn it on easy and the convenient and it helps me and my wife a lot.
Maribel Ramos
24 Feb, 2020
The LG air puricare was an easy set up. I just plugged it in to charged. Once done, it is ready to go anywhere. I used it in my car, in the office and even during our travels. It is very handy and it will let you know instantly if the air condition is good. It will be one of our travel essentials.
Jennifer Covarrubias
19 Feb, 2020
I love how the puricare miniblack makes our room so clean! As an expectant mom, this will assure me that my baby will be free from allergens and dust. So happy with this product!
Yazan Azar
07 Apr, 2020
Very nice product with nice app.Great for the car
Bahaa Abouzid
07 Apr, 2020
It is a great product for office space and car , very handy and the air quality sensor technology with LED indicators is excellent
Muiz Saad
07 Apr, 2020
Very compact, no sound and you can use an application to operate it. What do you need more. I sue it everyday in my car / office.