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Canned Vegetables

83 Products found

Green Giant Original Sweet Corn 198g x 5+1

Green Giant Original Sweet Corn 198g x 5+1

KWD 1.560 KWD 1.190

Cirio Supercirio Tomato Puree 400g

KWD 1.200

Epicure Dried Porcini Mushrooms 30g

KWD 2.250

Libby's Full Sliced Mushrooms 3 x 400g

KWD 1.545

Libby's Crispy Sauerkraut 411g

KWD 1.290

Napolina Chopped Tomatoes with Herb 400g

KWD 0.790

LuLu Cherry Tomatoes In Tomato Juice 400g

KWD 0.495

La Costena Chipotles Peppers In Adobo Sauce 199g

KWD 0.990

Epicure Petits Pois A L'Etuvee In Salted Water 400g

KWD 0.750

Chtaura Baba Ghannouge 370g

KWD 0.550

Mara Mixed Vegetables With Tomato Sauce 400g

KWD 0.190

Essential Everyday Diced Tomatoes With Green Chilies 411g

KWD 0.550

Epicure Mixed Mushrooms 25g

KWD 1.490

Libby's Pieces And Stems Mushrooms 184g

KWD 0.350

Libby's Peas & Carrots 426g

KWD 0.370

Al Alali Sweet Whole Kernel Corn 340g

KWD 0.320

Essential Everyday Sliced Beets 15oz

KWD 0.590

California Garden Canned Mushrooms Pieces & Stems 425g

KWD 0.490

California Garden Canned Hommos Tahina Dip 400g

KWD 0.295

Al Alali Diced Beets Value Pack 3 x 400g

KWD 0.970

Libby's Full Sliced Mushrooms 400g

KWD 0.600

California Garden Mixed Vegetables 425g

KWD 0.320

LuLu Tahina Made Of 100% Pure Sesame Seeds 600g

KWD 1.190

Green Giant Original Sweet Corn 198g

KWD 0.260

Green Giant No Added Salt & Sugar Sweet Corn 340g

KWD 0.360

Halwani Finest Tahina Plastic Bottle 1kg

KWD 2.190

Epicure Italian Chopped Tomatoes With Garlic In Rich Tomato Juice 400g

KWD 0.630

La Costena Tomatillos 794g

KWD 1.950

Del monte Hommos Tahina 400g

KWD 0.385

Cirio Peeled Plum Tomatoes Autentico Italiano 400g

KWD 0.750

Morrisons Chickpeas 400g

KWD 0.290

Al Alali Sweet Whole Kernel Corn 6 x 200g

KWD 1.375

LuLu Whole Peeled Tomatoes in Tomato Juice 400g

KWD 0.390

Goody Mushrooms Whole 400g

KWD 0.545

Cortas Hummos Tahina 185g

KWD 0.190

LuLu Whole Mushrooms 425g

KWD 0.390

California Garden Whole Kernel Sweet Corn 425g

KWD 0.340

Epicure Italian Chopped Tomatoes With Basil In Rich Tomato Juice 400g

KWD 0.590

Napolina Peeled Plum Tomatoes in Rich Tomato Juice 400g

KWD 0.690

Chtaura Baba Ghannouj Eggplant & Tahini 175g

KWD 0.320