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LuLu Aluminium Container + Lid 83185 2 x 10pcs

LuLu Aluminium Container + Lid 83185 2 x 10pcs

KWD 1.500 KWD 1.100

LuLu Cling Film Size 60m x 30cm 200sq.ft

KWD 0.890

LuLu Foam Plate 7inch 25pcs

KWD 0.390

Classic Wrap Size 60.9m x 30.4cm 1pc

KWD 0.810

Home Mate Candle 100 Pcs

KWD 2.590

Saplex Compostable Garbage Bags 44x44cm 15pcs

KWD 0.990

Maistic Home Compostable Waste Bags 20Litre 14pcs

KWD 1.350

Ziploc Double Zipper Storage Bag Size: 17.7cm x 18.8cm 48pcs

KWD 1.650

Classic Snap & Seal Food Storage & Freezer Bags 1 Gallon Size 26.8cm x 27.3cm 40pcs

KWD 1.400

LuLu Aluminium Oval Platter Large 5pcs

KWD 0.990

LuLu Plastic Containers with Lids Capacity 500ml 20pcs

KWD 0.750

LuLu Foam Plate 10inch 25pcs

KWD 0.590

LuLu Foam Plate Round 9inch 50pcs

KWD 0.890

Glad Cling Wrap Plastic Wrap 50 sq. ft. Size 15.3m x 30.5cm 1pc

KWD 0.325

LuLu Aluminium Oval Platter Medium 5pcs

KWD 0.560

Home Mate Muffin Cup 25pcs

KWD 0.350

LuLu Quick Tie Wave Top Garbage Bags 10pcs

KWD 1.490

Sanita Food Storage Bags Small No. 8 Size 33 x 21cm 40pcs

KWD 0.425

Sanita Cling Film Size 30cm x 30m 1pc

KWD 0.525

LuLu Aluminium Containers With Lids 10pcs

KWD 0.750

LuLu Foam Plate 7inch 50pcs

KWD 0.695

Sanita Trash Bags Biodegradable 5 Gallons Size 50 x 46cm 30pcs

KWD 0.500

Home Mate Plastic Cups 6oz 50pcs

KWD 0.250

Sanita Trash Bags Biodegradable 8 Gallons Size 58 x 50cm 30pcs

KWD 0.530

LuLu Anti-Bacterial Garbage Bags 5 Gallons 46cm x 52cm 30pcs

KWD 0.560

Home Mate Aluminium Containers 10Pcs

KWD 0.390

Sanita Premium Aluminum Foil 37.5sq.ft. Size 7.62m x 45cm 1pc

KWD 0.695

LuLu Plastic Trays Clear No.3 500g

KWD 0.890

Sanita Cooking & Baking Paper Size: 30cm x 10m 1Roll

KWD 0.880

LuLu Foam Plate 3 Compartment 9inch 25pcs

KWD 0.540

LuLu Cling Film Size 31m x 30cm 100sq.ft 3pcs

KWD 0.990

Home Mate Sandwich Zipper Bag Size 6.5x5.875inch 100pcs

KWD 0.750

LuLu Plastic Plate 26cm 25pcs + Plastic Cup 6oz 50pcs

KWD 0.990

LuLu Multipurpose Aluminium Foil Size 23.25m x 30cm 75sq.ft 1pc

KWD 0.690

LuLu Black Base Round Containers With Lid 16oz 5pcs

KWD 0.890

Home Mate Aluminum Foil Size 7.62m x 45.7cm 37.5sq.ft 1pc

KWD 0.490

Home Mate Lavender Scented Garbage Bags 3 x 30's

KWD 0.755

Sanita Easy Lock Sandwich Bags Small 2 x 50pcs

KWD 1.250

Glad Tuff Stuff Garbage Bag Small White Handle Bags Size 51 x 39.5cm 30pcs

KWD 0.595

LuLu Multicolour Straw 12mm 50pcs

KWD 0.595