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Godiva Chocolate Domes Double Chocolate 130g

AED 29.50

Morrisons White Chocolate Buttons 70g

AED 3.95

Haribo Gold Bears 200g

AED 10.00

Lindt Excellence Milk Chocolate 35g

AED 4.40

Galaxy Minis Hazelnut Chocolate Mini Bar 150g 12pcs

AED 11.60

Haribo Starmix 160g

AED 8.25

Kinder Bueno with Milk & Hazelnut 5 x 43g

AED 12.95

Kopiko Cappuccino Strong And Rich Coffee Candy 120g

AED 5.85

M&M’S Milk Chocolate Tube 30.6g

AED 3.15

Crispo Praline Milk Cream Chocolate 1kg

AED 36.75

Lindt Hazelnut Swiss Milk 100g

AED 9.90

Wrigley's Extra Spearmint Gum 60pcs

AED 11.00

Haribo Gold Bears 200g

AED 13.40

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Bar 38g x 12 Pieces

AED 33.00

Kalfany Ice Refreshing Candies 150g

AED 6.85

Golbon Chocolate With Coconut Flavour 1kg

AED 17.50

Ferrero Kinder Joy Egg Boys 20g

AED 4.00

Hershey's Cookies & Cream White Chocolate 40g

AED 3.10

Cadbury Flake Dipped Bar 32g

AED 2.80

Cadburys Dairy Milk Minis Chocolate 192g

AED 13.40

Storck Werther's Original Soft Caramel Toffees 100g

AED 9.30

Whittaker's 92% Cocoa Ghana Intense Dark Chocolate 100g

AED 14.45

Chupa Chups Sour Gecko Jelly 160g

AED 7.95

Lindt Excellence 70 % Cocoa Dark Chocolate 100g

AED 13.20

Toblerone Chocolate Bag 200g x 2pcs

AED 24.75

Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut Chocolate Assorted 100g x 3pcs

Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut Chocolate Assorted 100g x 3pcs

AED 15.75 AED 10.00

Snickers Duo Chocolate Bar 80g

AED 3.70

Nestle Quality Street Chocolate 650g

AED 48.95

Ferrero Kinder Schoko Bons Crispy Chocolate 89g

AED 11.50

Chupa Chups Cola Jellies 160g

AED 7.95

Whittaker's Creamy Milk Chocolate 200g

AED 19.50

Whittaker's White Chocolate 200g

AED 19.50

Haribo Happy Cola Original 200g

AED 13.40

Atkins Chocolate Brownie 60g

AED 9.20

Skittles Fruits Fun Size 180g

AED 10.50

Doriva Oriental Chocolate Assorted 1kg

AED 17.50

Ferrero Kinder Happy Hippo Cocoa Biscuit 102g

AED 9.95

KITKAT Chunky with Lotus Biscoff 41.5g

AED 2.60

Lindt Excellence Intense Orange Dark 100g

AED 13.20

Nestle Kitkat Mini Moments Chocolate 272.5g

AED 19.90