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Sour Dough Mediterranean Baguette 1pc

AED 6.75

Keto Strawberry Cheesecake 1.2kg

AED 95.00

Keto Blueberry Cheesecake 1.2kg

AED 97.50

Keto Macadamia Flaxseed Cookies 2pcs

AED 17.50

Keto Cheesecake Brownie 2pcs

AED 19.50

Mountain Bread Rye Wraps 8s 200g

AED 14.95

Baker Street Burger Buns With Sesame Seeds 4pcs

AED 13.50

Mountain Bread Wheat Wraps 8pcs 200g

AED 14.95

Keto Peanut Butter Brownie 2pcs

AED 19.50

Mountain Bread Chia Wraps 8s 200g

AED 14.95

English Muffin Gluten Free 4pcs

AED 24.75

White Loaf Gluten Free 350g

AED 22.50

Pandesal Filipino Bread 1pkt

AED 3.50

Organic White Loaf 1pc

AED 12.50

Sesame Seed Bagel Bread 1pc

AED 3.00

La Boulangere Kebab Breads 400g

AED 15.95

Bagel Gluten Free 4pcs

AED 24.75

Brown Multiseed Loaf Gluten Free 1pc

AED 25.75

Batons Pretzel Bread 1pc

AED 2.50

Multicereal Bagel Bread 1pc

AED 3.25

Modern Bakery Olive Protein Cracker 200g

AED 19.80

Keto Salted Caramel S'More Brownie 2pcs

AED 19.50

Large White Farmhouse Bread 1pc

AED 7.50

Mission Corn Tortilla Wraps 420g

AED 10.25

Lulu Croissant With Chocolate Cream Filling 6 x 55g

AED 7.60

7 Cereal Bread (Clean Label) 1pc

AED 10.50

Mountain Bread White Wraps 8s 200g

AED 14.95

Deli Sun Piadina Italian Style Bread 4pcs 320 g

AED 15.95

Lulu Mamon 1pkt

AED 3.75

Organic Whole Grain Loaf 1pc

AED 12.50

Deli Sun Tomato Wraps 6pcs 360 g

AED 12.50

Keto Avocado Cheesecake 1.2kg

AED 95.00

Mountain Bread Barley Wraps 8s 200g

AED 14.95

Chocolate Chip Brioche 1pc

AED 9.25

Artisan Baguette Gluten Free 1pc

AED 19.75

Sour Dough White Tourte 1pc

AED 6.70

White Multiseed Loaf Gluten Free 1pc

AED 21.50

Deli Sun Tortillas Chia & Flax Wraps 6pcs 360g

AED 15.50

Cuorenero Blueberry Flavoured Macaron 84g

AED 12.90

Cuorenro Gusto Lemon Macaron 84g

AED 12.90