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Fine Spiritual Royal Oud Facial Tissue 2ply 100 pcs

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Product Summary

  • EXPERIENCE WELLNESS AROMATHERAPY: Elevate your well-being with Fine Wellness Facial Tissues infused with genuine essential oils derived from plants. These tissues are crafted to enhance your mental and physical health, creating a refreshing atmosphere.
  • THE ANCIENT AURA OF OUD: Fine Spiritual Facial Tissues feature the enchanting oud essential oil, extracted from the heart of the aquilaria tree. This ancient scent has been cherished for centuries. Immerse in the soothing power of oud with every tissue.
  • ABSORBENT PERFORMANCE, EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT: Fine Spiritual Facial Tissues are not only spiritually enriching but also highly absorbent. Crafted with meticulous care, these tissues effortlessly capture moisture, ensuring a tranquil experience.
  • EMBRACE POSITIVE ENERGY: Let the harmonious blend of oud essential oil in Fine Spiritual Facial Tissues create a sanctuary of positivity. By surrounding yourself with this captivating scent, you can promote a sense of tranquility and balance.
  • UNLEASH YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY: Fine Spiritual Facial Tissues provide more than just practicality. With their essence of oud, they invite you on a spiritual journey, embracing ancient traditions and offering a moment of self-reflection and rejuvenation


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