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Ready Meals

27 Products found

Keto Grilled BBQ Chicken

QAR 18.00

Keto Grilled Mustard Chicken

QAR 18.00

Keto Grilled Salmon

QAR 18.00

Keto Grilled Vegetables

QAR 18.00

Chicken Biryani Meal Chilled

QAR 19.50

Chicken Biryani Bucket Meal Chilled

QAR 32.00

Mutton Biryani Bucket Meal Chilled

QAR 40.00

Vegetable Biryani Bucket Meal Chilled

QAR 24.50

Ready To Cook Sambar ( Serves 4 )

QAR 13.50

Ready To Cook Aviyal ( Serves 4)

QAR 16.50

Chicken Kabsa Bucket Meal Chilled

QAR 32.00

Ready To Cook Sirloin Steak With Vegetables & Gravy

QAR 24.50

Ready To Cook Beef Burger

QAR 10.00

Ready To Cook Spaghetti Bolognaise

QAR 18.00

Ready To Cook Chicken Noodles

QAR 12.50

Ready To Bake Beef Lasagna

QAR 14.50

Ready To Cook Vegetable Noodles

QAR 10.75

Ready To Cook Butter Chicken

QAR 19.75

Ready To Cook Beef Sising

QAR 18.50

Ready To Cook Pancit Canton

QAR 14.50

Ready To Cook Dal Makhani

QAR 15.50

Ready To Cook Quinoa Chicken Biryani

QAR 22.50

Tandoori Vegetable Platter Chilled

QAR 26.50

Tandoori Non-Vegetable Platter Chilled

QAR 40.00

Arabic Mix Grill Platter Chilled

QAR 24.50

Chicken Biryani 1kg

QAR 22.00

Butter Chicken Boneless Chilled 250 g

QAR 11.25