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Plugs & Extensions

15 Products found

Brennenstuhl 5Way Universal Extension Socket 5Mtr 1156007155

QAR 99.00

Universal Extension Power Socket 5Way UN-105M 2Mtr

QAR 31.00

Universal Power Extension 3Way 2Mtr With 2USB UN104U

QAR 47.00

Sirocco Extension Socket 3way 2Mtr

QAR 44.00

Sirocco Extension 3Way Super 3Mtr

QAR 48.00

Sirocco Extension Socket 4Way

QAR 54.00

Universal Power Extension 5Way 4Mtr UN-105M

QAR 40.00

Universal Extension 4Way N-104M 2MtrU

QAR 28.00

Universal Extension Socket 4way 3Mtr With 2USB UN2024U

QAR 65.00

Universal Extension 4Way 3Mtr With 2USB UN4025NU

QAR 59.00

Sirocco Extension Socket 4Way 2M

QAR 48.00

Universal Power Extension Socket 4Way 3Mtr With Switch UN-404

QAR 44.00

Brennenstuhl 5Way Universal Extension Socket 3Mtr 1156057135

QAR 89.00

Universal Extension Socket 5Way 5Mtr With Switch UN405

QAR 59.00

Sirocco Multi Socket 2/3 Pin 4Way W024P

QAR 17.50