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Brushes, Mops & Buckets

89 Products found

Flora Soap Dispenser 650ml

OMR 1.995

Vileda Floor Cloth Easy Clean / Cleaning and Drying Cloth 1pc Assorted

OMR 1.420

Fanatik Broom With Stick 243 1pc

OMR 1.260

Smart Klean Hard Broom 9227 Yellow

OMR 1.575

Okaywife Cotton Mop With Stick AGW3268

OMR 2.500

Vileda Promist Spray Mop / Floor Mop with Spray 1pc

OMR 9.975

Lulu Squeeze Mop L10-1222-11 1pc

OMR 3.360

Mr.Brush Broom Decora Violet 01000160012

OMR 1.785

Vileda Power Toilet Brush V0168 1 Set

OMR 2.400

Lulu Mop Microfiber With Stick L-C-22 1pc

OMR 1.575

Nomu Smart Infrared Sanitizer Sprayer NMU A1

OMR 29.900

Vileda Active Max Classic Mop Floor Cleaning Mop Refill 1pc

OMR 2.900

Alkan Spin Mop Set MA-104 Assorted Color 1 Set

OMR 6.195

Fanatik Broom With Stick 247 1pc

OMR 1.260

Fanatik Dustpan With Brush 202

OMR 0.945

Smart Klean Soft Broom 9255 Yellow

OMR 1.575

Vileda Indoor Broom Standard with Stick 1pc

OMR 2.330

Vileda Active Max Flat Mop Floor Cleaning Mop Refill 1pc

OMR 2.190

Smart Klean Spin Mop Steel Rim LJD-010 Assorted Color 1pc

OMR 9.345

Liao Microfiber Twist Mop A-130073

OMR 2.700

Fanatik Broom With Stick 253

OMR 1.050

Vileda Floor Wiper Classic 52 Cm with Stick 1pc

OMR 2.490

Golden Star Broom With Handle GS-2401

OMR 1.470

Lulu Cotton Mop with Stick 10-1047-11 1pc

OMR 3.045

Titiz Soap Dispenser TP195 720ml

OMR 3.045

Lulu Air Port Mop L10-491641 40cm 1pc

OMR 6.195

Smart Klean FloorWiper 405-T1 40cm Yellow

OMR 1.365

Vileda Super Mop 3 Action Floor Cleaning Mop 1pc

OMR 3.675

Smart Klean Brush With Dust Pan 80539047

OMR 2.625

Okaywife Cotton Mop With Stick AGW3282 1pc

OMR 2.200

Silver Line Cotton Laundry Hamper 0020 Assorted Colors

OMR 1.890

Home Floor Wiper 45cm

OMR 1.890

Lulu Glass Wiper 2233-11 25cm 1pc

OMR 2.310

Lulu Floor Wiper L30-1016-11 45cm 1pc

OMR 2.100

Fanatik Toilet Brush With Holder 125 Assorted Color 1pc

OMR 0.945

Lulu Microfiber Mop With Stick C-20 1pc

OMR 1.575

Vileda Eco Toilet Brush V0158 1 Set

OMR 1.800

Smart Klean Airport Mop AIRB600 60cm

OMR 4.900

Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Spin Mop / Rotating Mop Refill 1pc

OMR 3.045

Lulu Mop with Stick L10-2055-11 1pc

OMR 1.995