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Fresh Juice & Salads

102 Products found

Greek Fresh Salad Bowl 400g

Greek Fresh Salad Bowl 400g

OMR 0.830 OMR 0.590

Lulu Fresh Cocktail Juice 500ml

Lulu Fresh Cocktail Juice 500ml

OMR 1.495 OMR 1.200

Regular Chicken/Cheese Pizza Large 1pc

Regular Chicken/Cheese Pizza Large 1pc

OMR 2.050 OMR 1.750

Coffee Cashew Vegan Smoothie 500ml

OMR 1.155

Chicken Tikka Salad Bowl 400g

OMR 1.985

Beef Burger 1pc

OMR 0.445

American Salad Bowl 400g

OMR 1.000

Lulu Fresh Mint Lemon Juice 500ml

OMR 0.615

Lulu Fresh Beetroot And Apple Juice 500ml

OMR 1.100

Roast Beef Sandwich 1pc

OMR 0.790

Lulu Fresh Grapefruit Juice 250ml

OMR 0.650

Fresh Quinoa Watermelon And Cucumber Salad 400g Approx. Weight

OMR 1.640

Lulu Fresh Dates With Milk 500ml

OMR 0.990

Mediterranean Salad Bowl 400g

OMR 0.830

Fatoush Salad Bowl 400g

OMR 0.935

Lulu Fresh Grape Juice 500ml

OMR 1.450

Lulu Fresh Citrus Sensation Juice 500ml

OMR 0.890

Foul Moudammes 200g

OMR 0.440

Country Bread Turkey Thigh Sandwich 1pc

OMR 0.725

Mixed Pizza Meat Salad Bowl 400g

OMR 1.775

Fresh Arabic Tuna Salad 400g Approx. Weight

OMR 1.235

Lulu Fresh Chia Detox 250ml

OMR 1.040

Lulu Fresh Celery Detox Juice 500ml

OMR 0.690

Lulu Fresh Heart Beet Juice 500ml

OMR 0.700

Smoked Chicken Breast Sandwich 1pc

OMR 0.500

Lulu Fresh Cucumber Juice 500ml

OMR 0.650

Lulu Fresh Strawberry And Dates Milk Shake 500ml

OMR 1.890

Beef Mortadella Sandwich 1pc

OMR 0.420

Russian Salad 200g

OMR 0.440

Lulu Fresh Pineapple Juice 500ml

OMR 1.300

Chicken Mortadella Sandwich 1pc

OMR 0.420

Spicy Chick Peas Salad 200g

OMR 0.440

Macaroni Salad 200g

OMR 0.440

Lulu Fresh Chia Kiwi Cooler 250ml

OMR 1.560

Lulu Fresh Grape Juice 250ml

OMR 0.750

Lulu Fresh Papaya Juice 500ml

OMR 1.560

Lulu Fresh Chia Yoghurt Mango Tango 500ml

OMR 2.440

Lulu Fresh Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice 500ml

OMR 0.750

Regular Cheese/Tomato Pizza Large 1pc

OMR 1.735

Lulu Fresh Slim Trim Chia Drink 500ml

OMR 1.315