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Speciality Food

491 Products found

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 946ml

OMR 3.390

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 473ml

OMR 2.310

Heinz Organic Tomato Ketchup 580g

OMR 1.490

LuLu Organic Chia Seeds 300g

OMR 2.230

LuLu Organic White Quinoa 300g

OMR 1.600

Groovy Food Organic Coconut Sugar 500g

OMR 2.575

Groovy Food Organic Coconut Flour 500g

OMR 2.250

LuLu Organic Flax Seeds 300g

OMR 1.040

LuLu Organic Tri Colour Quinoa 300g

OMR 2.090

Biona Organic Almond Butter 170g

OMR 4.070

Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta 500g

OMR 1.850

Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Maize And Rice Pasta 500g

OMR 1.850

Biona Organic Green Pesto with Pine Kernels 120g

OMR 2.365

Biona Organic Rice Cake With Quinoa 100g

OMR 0.925

Brag Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cinnamon 473ml

OMR 2.090

Monin Raspberry Zero Calorie Natural 750ml

OMR 5.250

Clearspring Organic Coconut Milk 400ml

OMR 1.600

24 Mantra Organic Poha 500g

OMR 0.790

Pasta Toscana Organic Whole Wheat Pasta 500g

OMR 1.100

Alpro Coconut Drink Unsweetened 1Litre

OMR 1.525

Stute Diabetic Apricot Extra Jam 430g

OMR 1.315

Thai Coco Coconut Chips Sour Cream And Onion 40g

OMR 0.620

Fruittella Hippos Vegan Jellies Bag 150g

OMR 0.945

Chef Paul Prudhomme Magic Seasoning Blends 64g

OMR 1.000

24 Mantra Organic Besan Flour 1kg

OMR 1.325

Eden Organic Pinto Beans 425g

OMR 1.495

Rumford Baking Powder 227 g

OMR 0.490

Thai Coco Coconut Chips Yogurt 40g

OMR 0.620

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 124 g

OMR 1.040

Better Than Organic Pasta Spaghetti 385g

OMR 1.975

24 Mantra Organic Sonamasuri Brown Rice 5 kg

OMR 3.475

24 Mantra Organic Whole Corn Flour 500g

OMR 0.315

Actiph Alkaline Ionised Water 1Litre

OMR 0.950

Lovemore Rich Genoa Cake 380g

OMR 2.890

Mackie's Organic Luxury Dairy Ice Cream 1Litre

OMR 2.450

Yogi Organic Green Tea Kombucha 16 Teabags

OMR 3.020

Pasta Toscana Organic Spaghetti 500g

OMR 1.100

Epicure Cannellini Beans in Salted Water 400g

OMR 0.760

Stute Blackcurrant Conserve 340g

OMR 1.315

Biona Organic Coconut Milk 400g

OMR 1.420