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Clorox Clothes Stain Remover Color Booster 900 ml

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Product Summary

  • SUPERIOR STAIN REMOVAL: Use Clorox Clothes for Colors with your detergent to remove greasy stains as well as coffee, tea, ketchup and fruit juice. It removes 100% of everyday stains. It is also safe on sensitive washable fabrics like silk and wool.
  • SUPERIOR COLOR BRIGHTENING: Clorox Clothes for Colors provides extreme color care and prevents the color fading of your clothes. It has the opti-bright technology to keep colors bright and look like new.
  • BEFORE WASHING: Apply Clorox Clothes for Colors directly on the stain. Rub the fabric gently and let stand for 5 minutes. Wash normally and do not allow product to dry on the fabric. It is also effective on dried-in stains.
  • FOR IN WASH: Instead of washing with detergent alone, add 100 ml (2 caps) of Clorox Clothes for Colors with your favorite detergent. Start your normal wash cycle. Effective at cold temperatures for best results wash at 40 degrees.
  • FOR SOAKING: Add 10 ml (2 teaspoons) of our Clorox Clothes for Colors to each 1L of water with your favorite detergent. Soak for 5 minutes. Wash as usual. For tough stains soak for 1 hour the most. Clorox will remove your toughest stains.

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