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Salads & Pizzas

21 Products found

Tabouleh 200g

Tabouleh 200g

SAR 5.78 SAR 4.78

Hummous With Coriander&Chili 200g

SAR 6.00

Foul Moudammes 200g

SAR 5.00

Fresh Cous Cous And Broccoli Salad 400g Approx. Weight

SAR 10.75

Kale Apple Corn Salad 400g Approx. Weight

SAR 13.40

Home Made Coleslaw Salad 200g

SAR 6.20

Sweet Corn Salad 200g

SAR 6.30

Macaroni Salad 200g

SAR 6.00

Russian Salad 200g

SAR 7.50

Fresh Burgul And Chickpeas Salad 400g Approx. Weight

SAR 9.20

Spicy Chick Peas Salad 200g

SAR 5.00

Mushroom Salad 200g

SAR 5.55

Red Kidney Beans Salad 200g

SAR 4.40

Fresh VegetableSalad Bowl 400g

SAR 10.95

Greek Fresh Salad Bowl 400g

SAR 10.95

Mediterranean Salad Bowl 400g

SAR 10.95

Fatoush Salad Bowl 400g

SAR 10.00

Egg Salad Bowl 400g

SAR 10.00

Pepperoni Pizza Large 1pc

SAR 34.90

Red Beet Root Salad 200g

SAR 5.00

Fresh Garlic Paste 300g

SAR 8.70