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Biscuits & Confectionery

715 Products found

Nestle Kit Kat 2 Finger Chocolate Bars 17.7g 36+6

SAR 44.95

Bogart Gummy Candy Ringlets 100g

SAR 5.25

Ulker Finger Biscuits 12 x 90g

SAR 14.95

Loacker Gardena Coconut Wafers 38g

SAR 4.50

Galaxy Jewels Assorted Chocolate With Nuts 140g

SAR 20.90

Cadbury Dairy Milka  Bubbly Chocolate 28g 4+1

SAR 9.95

Loacker Tortina Original 21g

SAR 4.50

Loacker Vanille 45g

SAR 4.50

Fruittella Hippos Vegan Jellies Bag 150g

SAR 10.95

Americana Double Chocolate Chip Choco Cookies 100g

SAR 4.75

Nestle Mini Mix Chocolate Bag 715g

SAR 62.95

Hershey's Sprinkles 'N' Cream Chocolate 39g

SAR 3.50

Nestle® KitKat 4 Fingers 41.5g x 28pcs

SAR 53.50

Mcvities Digestive Wheat Biscuit 29.4g

SAR 1.25

Ulker Biskrem Biscuit Cocoa 99g

SAR 2.75

Askeys Cup Cones With Sweetner 21 Pcs

SAR 16.50

Starburst Very Berry Fruit Chews 165g

SAR 12.95

Haribo Happy Cola Original 160g

SAR 11.50

Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo 38g 4+1

SAR 15.50

Ulker Choco Sandwich Dark Biscuit 20 x 23.5g

Ulker Choco Sandwich Dark Biscuit 20 x 23.5g

SAR 17.95 SAR 14.95

Cavendish & Harvey Strawberry Candies Filled 175g

SAR 12.95

Tiffany Delights Butter Cookies 810g

SAR 31.85

Storck Toffifee 400g

SAR 47.50

Tiffany Everyday Nice Biscuit 12 x 50g

SAR 5.80

Gullon Vanilla Wafer Sugar Free 210g

SAR 11.50

Loacker Gardena Hazelnut 200g

SAR 22.25

Cinnamon Cookies 500g

SAR 22.40

Lulu Egg Free Cinnamon Cookies 250g

SAR 9.25

Wholemeal Cookies Sugar Free 250g Approx. Weight

SAR 35.95

Nestle Kitkat 2 Finger Raspberry Chocolate Wafer 6 x 19.5g

SAR 11.50

M&M's Double Chocolate Cookies 180g

SAR 14.95

Nutella B-Ready 132g Pack of 6

SAR 10.50

Haribo Worms Jelly Candy 80g

SAR 5.95

Karachi Bakery Badam Biscuits 400g

SAR 19.95

Godiva Milk Chocolate With Caramelised Toffee 90g

Godiva Milk Chocolate With Caramelised Toffee 90g

SAR 15.00 SAR 12.95

Mixed Chocolate 1kg Approx. Weight

SAR 29.90

Leibniz Butter Biscuit 100g

SAR 5.75

Melbon Desire Pralines White Chocolate with Coconut Flavored Filling 1kg

SAR 26.95

Tic Tac Spearmint 18g

SAR 2.15

Hwa Tai Luxury Peanuts Vegetable Cracker Flavoured Cream Sandwich 200g

SAR 10.95