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Scrubbers & Cloths

89 Products found

Scotch Brite Easy Eraser 2pcs

SAR 17.50

Arix Heavy Duty Inox Maxi Metal Scourer 2pcs

SAR 10.75

Scotch Brite Window Cloth 1pc

SAR 4.95

LuLu Chamois Multi Purpose Cloth 37 x 38cm 1pc

SAR 11.55

Maog Golden Steel Scourer 2pcs

SAR 15.75

LuLu Grooved Sponge Scourer 1pc

SAR 2.95

LuLu Extra Strong Sponge Scourer 3pcs

SAR 9.95

LuLu Stainless Steel Scrubber 2pcs

SAR 8.95

Maog Stainless Steel Scourer 1pc

SAR 3.50

Vileda Glitzi Power Dish Washing Metallic Scourer 2pcs

SAR 13.75

LuLu Rectangle Scouring Pads 3 pcs

SAR 4.35

Vileda Dish Washing Scourer Scouring Pad, 9 pcs

SAR 23.25

LuLu Stainless Steel Scrubber 6pcs + Sponge Scourer 3pcs

SAR 17.95

LuLu Stainless Steel Scrubber With Scouring Pads 1pc

SAR 5.95

Homewell Kitchen Towel 30 x 30 cm 12 pcs Set W009 Assorted

SAR 20.00

LuLu Square Scouring Pads 5 pcs

SAR 9.95

Maog Silver Scouring Pad 2pcs

SAR 10.50

LuLu Stainless Steel Pot Scourer 4pcs

SAR 15.95

LuLu Soap Filled Scouring Pads 5pcs

SAR 6.50

Homewell Kitchen Towel Cotton 50x70cm 3pcs Set PN22 Assorted

SAR 27.00

Vileda Floor Cloth Easy Clean Cleaning and Drying Cloth 1pc

SAR 12.25

Vileda All Purpose Cloths 6pcs

SAR 16.75

Vileda Sponge Tip Top 9pc

SAR 17.75

LuLu Grooved Sponge Scourer 1pc

SAR 6.95

LuLu Multi Colour Sponge Scourer 3pcs

SAR 5.95

Homewell Kitchen Towel 3pcs Set 50x70cm Assorted Color

SAR 29.00

Camel Stainless Steel Scourer 6pcs

SAR 8.75

Homewell Kitchen Apron Cotton 60x84cm PN22 Assorted

SAR 20.00

Maog Gold Sponge Scourer 3pcs

SAR 7.75

LuLu Grooved Sponge Scourer 2pcs

SAR 5.95

Vileda Pure Active Flex Non Scratch Dish Washing Sponge Scourer 2pcs

SAR 9.25

Arix Classic Heavy Duty Power Scouring Pads 10pcs

SAR 6.90

Vileda Inox Dish Washing Metallic Spiral Scourer 5pcs

SAR 20.50

Vileda Glitzi Sponge Scourer 3+1

SAR 12.25

Vileda Tip Top Dish Washing Medium Foam Sponge Scourer 5 pcs

SAR 10.50

Vileda Inox Dish Washing Metallic Spiral Scourer 2pcs

SAR 10.50

Maog Steel Wool Rolls Jumbo Size 16pcs

SAR 12.95

Arix Heavy Duty Metal Wire Sponge 2pcs

SAR 7.55

LuLu Jumbo Steel Wool Rolls 16pcs

SAR 12.05

Vileda Glitzi Sponge Scourer Dish Washing High Foam 3pcs

SAR 12.25