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Plastic Storage & Baskets

17 Products found

Cosmoplast Bucket With Lid EX100 26Ltr Assorted Color

SAR 22.00

Cosmoplast Basin 18inch Assorted Color

SAR 15.00

JCJ Basket 1132 Assorted Colors

SAR 9.00

JCJ Ratten Basket Rectangle 3120 Assorted Colors

SAR 43.00

JCJ Ratten Basket Rectangle 3119 Assorted Colors

SAR 25.00

JCJ Laundry Basket 1133 pc

SAR 10.00

Cosmoplast Basin 14inch Assorted Color 1pc

SAR 9.00

Cosmoplast Bucket With Lid EX-70 18Litre Assorted Color 1pc

SAR 17.00

JCJ Drum Bucket With Lid 2012 35Ltr Assorted Color

SAR 54.00

Cosmoplast Bucket With Lid EX-90 20Ltr Assorted Color

SAR 19.00

JCJ Basket Assorted Colour 2115

SAR 10.00

Cosmoplast Mug 1Litre Assorted Color 1pc

SAR 2.50

Cosmoplast Bucket With Lid EX-40 10Litre Assorted Color 1pc

SAR 12.50

Cosmoplast Bucket With Lid EX-20 3Litre Assorted Color 1pc

SAR 6.50

Asian Bath Mug 1000 ml

SAR 3.50

Cosmoplast Drum Bucket 30Ltr Assorted Color

SAR 26.00

Cosmoplast Bucket With Lid EX-30 5Litre Assorted Color 1pc

SAR 8.00