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Electric Kettles

47 Products found

Braun Electric Kettle WK3100BK 1.7Ltr

BHD 11.900

Braun Kettle WK3110WH 1.7Ltr

BHD 15.190

Ikon Samovar Tea Maker IKTS-5817

BHD 15.705

Tefal kettle KO151565 1.5Ltr

BHD 11.525

Ikon Electric Kettle IK-G318S 1.8Ltr

BHD 4.715

Philips Kettle HD9305/26 1.5 Liter    

BHD 12.500

Ikon Electric Thermo Pot IK5085 5LTR

BHD 19.990

Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle Henley 23600 1.7Ltr

BHD 10.500

Ikon Stainless Steel Kettle IK-1705 1.7Ltr

BHD 7.325

Tefal Kettle Justine BF563043 1.7 Liter

BHD 17.285

Black+Decker Kettle JC70 1.7Ltr

BHD 9.000

Braun Breakfast Water Kettle WK 1100 1.7Ltr White

BHD 13.515

Ikon Electric Kettle IK-D1818 1.7Ltr

BHD 6.275

Kenwood 1.7 Liter Cordless Electric Kettle, 2200W with Auto Shut-Off & Removable Mesh Filter, Black,  ZJP00.000BK.

BHD 8.905

Kenwood Jug Kettle JKP280 1.6Ltr

BHD 11.000

Philips Kettle HD9350/96 1.7Ltr

BHD 17.600

Philips Stainless Steel Kettle HD9357/12 1.7Ltr   

BHD 27.990

Braun Electric Kettle WK-5110WH 1.7Ltr

BHD 14.990

Ikon Electric Kettle IK-D1617 1.7Ltr

BHD 8.905

Panasonic Stainless Steel Kettle NC-SK1BTZ 1.6Ltr

BHD 17.500

Ekkolite Kettle EKK-K18P 1.8Litre

BHD 4.180

Ikon Multi-Function Kettle IK-G715 1.5Ltr

BHD 9.950

Russell Hobbs Snowdon Stainless Steel Kettle 20441 1.7LTR

BHD 13.990

Prestige Multi Purpose Electric Kettle PR54935 1.2LTR

BHD 15.900

Moulinex Kettle BY150827 1.5Ltr

BHD 6.900

Philips Kettle Orbit HD9318 1.7Ltr

BHD 9.900

Ikon Electric Thermo Pot IK5073 4LTR

BHD 18.990

Ekkolite Kettle EKK-K218 1.8Litre

BHD 6.600

Russel Hobbs Classic Kettle 24990GCC 1Litre

BHD 11.990

Kenwood 1.7 Liter Cordless Glass Electric Kettle, 2200W with Auto Shut-Off & Removable Mesh Filter,  Clear/Silver/Black, ZJG08.000CL

BHD 15.990

Prestige Stainless Steel Electric Kettle PR7521 1.7LTR

BHD 8.900

Kenwood 1.7 Liter Cordless Electric Kettle, 2200W with Auto Shut-Off & Removable Mesh Filter, Stainless Steel/Silver, ZJM01

BHD 16.240

Panasonic Kettle NCGK1WTZ 1.7Ltr

BHD 13.990

Ikon Electric Kettle IK-G2818 1.7L

BHD 7.325

Black+Decker Stainless Steel Kettle JC450 1.7Ltr

BHD 10.800

Philips Kettle HD9316/03 1.7Ltr

BHD 21.500

Ikon Travel Kettle IK-11A 0.5LTR

BHD 5.500

Moulinex Kettle Noveo BY282127 1.7Ltr

BHD 14.145

Moulinex Stainless Steel Kettle BY550D 1.7Ltr

BHD 18.750

Ikon Multifuctional Kettle IK-GK212 1.2Ltr

BHD 8.905