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Somat Machine Cleaner 250 ml

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Product Summary

  • Twice the Shine: Use the powerful Somat dishwasher detergent formula for cleaning dishes to see up to 2x more shine
  • Deep Cleaning: This dish detergent gel has a unique combination of two complementing formulas, unleashing deep cleaning against burnt in stains and strong degreasing action
  • No Residues: This dishwasher detergent dissolves immediately. This means no residue after washing, leaving dishes extra clean and shiny
  • Grease Cutting: The Somat dishwasher detergent formula contains active degreasers and cuts through grease effectively, ensuring clean and shiny dishes with every dishwashing cycle
  • Flexible Dosage: Dishwasher liquid detergent will last longer with the right dosage: Use 18 ml for lightly soiled dishes and 28 ml for medium and heavily soiled dishes


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