129 Products found

Al Kabeer

129 Products found

Al Kabeer Hot n' Spicy Breaded Chicken Fillet 2 x 330g

AED 22.50

Al Kabeer Chicken Seekh Kebabs 8pcs 320g

AED 13.75

AL Kabeer Beef Franks 454g

AED 12.75

Al Kabeer Tandoori Chicken Nuggets 270g

AED 11.50

Al Kabeer Shish Tawook 240g

AED 13.25

Al Kabeer Vegetable Spring Roll 1.12 kg

AED 33.75

Al Kabeer Frozen Fish Fingers 300g

AED 12.45

Al Kabeer Mixed Vegetables Value Pack 3 x 400 g

AED 14.45

Al Kabeer Zing Shrimps 400g

AED 33.95

Al Kabeer Shish Tawook 1kg

AED 41.90

Al Kabeer Chicken Popcorn 400g

AED 19.75

Al Kabeer Waffle Fries 750g

AED 14.50

Al Kabeer Beef Cocktail Sausages 400g

AED 12.25

Kabeer Chicken Biriyani 400g

AED 13.95

Al Kabeer Mutton Samosas 240g x 2pcs

AED 19.90

Al Kabeer Beef Burgers Spicy 4 Pcs 200g

AED 6.50

Al Kabeer Shish Kebab 600g

AED 24.45

Al Kabeer Zing Chicken Lollipop 1kg

AED 58.50

Al Kabeer Stuffed Felafel 750 g

AED 19.50

Al Kabeer Chicken And Cheese Sticks Hot And Spicy 1 kg

AED 48.90

Al Kabeer 8 Cheese Spring Rolls 240g

AED 11.75

Al Kabeer Prawn Crispies 1kg

AED 39.90

Al Kabeer Jumbo Chicken Burger 1kg

AED 26.90

Al Kabeer Zing Chicken Nuggets Spicy 270g

AED 16.50

Al Kabeer Tortilla Wraps 12pcs 570g

AED 10.90

Al Kabeer Turkish Chicken Kebabs 360g

AED 15.70

Al Kabeer Zing Chicken Strips Value Pack 2 x 320g

AED 36.90

Al Kabeer Jumbo Beef Burger 1kg

AED 35.90

Al Kabeer Mozzarella Cheese Sticks 250g

AED 21.95

Al Kabeer Vegetable Samosa 1.2 kg

AED 42.75

Al Kabeer Tandoori Chicken Tikka 500g

AED 23.90

Al Kabeer Breaded Chicken Fillet 450g

AED 18.25

Al Kabeer Chicken & Cheese Sticks 250g

AED 13.75

Al Kabeer Vegetable Nuggets 270g

AED 9.50

Al Kabeer Frozen Cheese Spring Rolls 2 x 240g

AED 19.50

Al Kabeer Tandoori Chicken Nuggets 2 x 270g

AED 23.00

Al Kabeer Seasoned Wedges 750g

AED 11.50

Al Kabeer Frozen Beef Kibbeh 400g

AED 13.40

Al Kabeer Chicken Cheese Nuggets 400g

AED 16.95

Al Kabeer Frozen Chicken Kibbeh 2 x 400g

AED 29.75