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Pulses, Spices & Herbs

483 Products found

24 Mantra Organic Brown Chana 500g

24 Mantra Organic Brown Chana 500g

SAR 7.95 SAR 6.25

Mehran Pullao Biryani Masala 50g

SAR 5.25

LuLu Urid Whole 500g

SAR 7.15

LuLu Urid Split 500g

SAR 8.05

LuLu Soya Beans 500g

SAR 4.60

Eastern Fried Chicken Coating Hot & Spicy Mix 450g

SAR 13.50

The Spice Hunter Organic Rosemary Spice 17g

SAR 19.95

Pereg Quinoa With Lemon & Herbs 170g

SAR 21.75

Al Fares Sago Seeds 500g

SAR 4.50

Schwartz Coriander Leaf 7g

SAR 18.95

Pereg Quinoa Whole Grain 340g

SAR 37.95

Eastern Chilli Powder Hottest 180g

SAR 6.95

Azimco Crushed Broad Beans 600g

SAR 6.40

Al Fares Whole Garam Masala 250g

SAR 8.25

Mehran Biryani Masala 110g

SAR 7.95

Pereg Quinoa With Lemon & Herbs 300g

SAR 39.50

Freshly Ground Turmeric 2.8oz

SAR 9.25

LuLu Biriyani Masala 100g

SAR 5.50

Al Fares Cool Spices 250g

SAR 13.50

24 Mantra Organic Fenugreek 100g

SAR 3.95

Al Fares Cinnamon Stick 250g

SAR 8.25

LuLu Black Eye Beans 1kg

SAR 12.95

Eastern Turmeric Powder Bottle 180g

SAR 6.95

LuLu Moong Split 500g

SAR 7.20

Shan Spice Mix For Haleem Masala 50g

SAR 5.25

Schwartz Chillies Crushed 29g

SAR 21.50

Al Fares Pasta Spices 220g

SAR 11.85

Al Fares Sesame Roasted 200g

SAR 8.00

Arrowhead Mills Organic Quinoa Whole Grain 396g

SAR 78.50

Lemon Powder 100g

SAR 2.90

24 Mantra Organic Sambar Powder 100g

SAR 5.95

Al Fares White Chick Peas 1kg

SAR 15.95

LuLu Tikka Masala 60g

SAR 5.95

Arabic Chicken Masala 250g Approx. Weight

SAR 6.75

Al Fares Fennel Seed 100g

SAR 3.50

Maggi Broccoli & Cheddar Rice Meal Kit Pack 210g

SAR 15.95

Schwartz Oregano 7g

SAR 12.95

Al Fares Brand Cardamon 250g

SAR 71.50

Schwartz Hot Chilli Power 38g

SAR 21.50

LuLu Chicken Masala 200g

SAR 6.95