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USB Flash Drive





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USB 2.0

<p>Toshiba offers a wide range of stylish and compact USB Flash drives.Toshiba’s USB Flash drives offer a fast, convenient way of backing up and transporting your most important information. They deliver fast transfer speeds, secure data protection, and enough capacity to store your most important personal files such photos, videos and data.</p>
<p>Whether you are looking for a super-fast, high capacity and reliable USB drive, a low cost solution or the smallest mini USB around – Toshiba has the product for you.</p>
<p><b>USB 2.0 Standard</p>
<p></b>The USB 2.0 standard A Type has a size of 12mm width and a height of 4.5mm. Suitable in all USB 2.0 ports which is standard in every PC. Data transmission is possible in both directions.</p>
<p><b>Various Capacities</p>
<p></b>This series is available in five different capacities from 4 to 32 GB. On the 32 GB USB drive (only available in white) you can store round about 11440 - 8 Megapixel photos, 8.000 songs or 32 hours of video.</p>
<p><b>Hot plug and unplug</p>
<p></b>Devices can be connected and detected during operation. Just plug and play and transfer your favorite music and images.</p>
<p><b>Fashionable Design</p>
<p></b>The Flash drives are available in White, Blue, Orange and Aqua.</p>
<p><b>Your Data is Safe with Toshiba’s Original Security Software</p>
<p></b>The series supports application software that allows protection of a particular block with a password lock so that data and files stored in that block cannot be accessed without the password.</p>
<p><b>One of the Lowest Power Consumption in the Industry</p>
<p></b>Low power consumption is achieved thanks to Toshiba’s original technology, such as multi-layering of high-speed NAND flash memory and a dedicated low-power-consumption ASIC controller. As a result, power consumption of notebook PCs is minimized even when using a USB flash memory.</p>

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Toshiba FlashDriveTHNU16HAY-BL4 16GB


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