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Room Coverage

93 m²


Airy White/Air Born

Other Features

54 dBA Noise, Virus Doctor,4 Step Purification,Air Quaility Indicator,Dual Fan,3-way Air-Flow, Indicator (Cleanliness),Pre filter,Dust Collecting,Deodorizing Filter,HEPA Filter

Key Information

Product Type

Air Purifier



Model Name


Wide and fast purification
Quickly purifies a wide area, reaching from corner to corner. A Front Air Intake easily draws in air and Dual Power Fans spreads clean air in 3 directions, so it reaches much wider and faster*.

Smart Detection & Display
Triple Smart Sensors & Numeric Display. PM2.5/PM10 and gas sensors detect the air quality in real time and automatically optimizes the performance. A digital display also shows the level of dust in numbers and gaseous contaminants with 5 color variations.

Reduces over 99% of PM2.5
A 4-step purification system keeps the air pure. It removes large dust particles, various harmful gases like formaldehyde*, over 99% of ultrafine dusts**, and reduces certain viruses and allergens by up to 99%***.

Performs effectively
Auto Mode senses the pollution level and automatically adjusts the power to maintain the optimum air quality. Sleep Mode works softly and quietly, while Speed Mode powerfully refresh a room at the maximum power for 30 minutes.

Space-efficient and easy to maintain
A front-sided air inlet means you dont need to move it unnecessarily or pull it away from the wall to clean or change the filter. And a washable Pre-filter only needs periodic cleaning and the 2-in-1 PM2.5 and Deodorization filters can be quickly and easily replaced.

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Samsung Air Purifier AX70J7100WT


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