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LG OLED 4K Smart TV 55 Inch A1 Series Cinema Screen Design, New 2021, 4K Cinema HDR webOS Smart with ThinQ AI Pixel Dimming

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Product Summary

  • Display Size: 55-inch
  • 4K OLED
  • Processor: ?7 Gen4 AI Processor 4k
  • LG ThinQ AI
  • Unlimited Gameplay
  • True Cinema Experience
  • Dolby Vision IQ?Dolby Atmos
  • Operating System: webOS Smart TV with Magic Remote

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Gyuri Lee
I bought this TV a month ago for my new flat and brightened up my living room and for my well-being as well. The TV is visibly so pretty as it is very thin and the screen looks sophisticated.The screen quality is great for watching movies or general live TV. There are lots of apps I can download which means that I can watch YouTube or Netflix or Disney+ at any time that I want. The delivery was quick and it was easy to set up after reading the guide provided by LG. The smart remote control is very useful and great at recognising my voice as well which makes it easy to navigate the TV. All my friends who have visited have commented on the TV on its quality and sound and its design!
17 Jul, 2021
Had TV for 1 month and very happy with picture especially when watching uhd
17 Jul, 2021
I bought this telly a month ago to replace a OLED C6 I know it is a entry model and does not have as much options for adjusting, but the main selling point for my was really the upgrade to a 4th gen processor and the back light pixels. I have to say straight out the box was excellent the picture quality is superb, the automatic switching to HDR and dolby is flawless. I have my BT TV box and blu ray player all piped through my Denon AVRX6400H and all synced together without a hitch. Being the entry model this TV is no slouch and I am more than happy with my purchase and am going to enjoy watching movies in all there visual glory.
Micky Duck
17 Jul, 2021
Very good picture and sound, I don't need to use my soundbar. Could do with more HDMI ports and better Instructions. Don't try to sell expensive warranty package in the first year which covers breakdowns and accidental damage. The first year is covered already by the manufacturers warranty accidental damage could already be covered on household iinsurance.
Rob J
17 Jul, 2021
Had this TV for over a month and I am so pleased with the quality of picture, especially the depth of colour and intensity of the black. I use it to view a lot of YouTube 4K content and I'm blown away with the image and sound clarity. Was a firm Samsung man but have changed my allegiance to LG.
17 Jul, 2021
I bought it a month ago and the quality is good and the sound is amazing.
17 Jul, 2021
I bought this T. V when I saw it in Currys, I got a great deal and couldn't be happier. Lovely T.V great price what's not to like
17 Jul, 2021
Love this TV, pictures are fantastic and with the LG sound bar the sound is amazing
17 Jul, 2021
I purchased this item last month prior to the euros and it was an amazing purchase. Great picture and found quality. Great aesthetics too, great addition to the house.
17 Jul, 2021
Very good picture and useful 'mouse' remote control
17 Jul, 2021
I had purchased a tv but found after a while it kept turning itself back on, so did a lot of research and found this one, brilliant picture and sound I would highly recommend this tv excellent value for money
17 Jul, 2021
Bought this last month. Great picture and easy to set up. Would recommend it
17 Jul, 2021
Made an excellenet choice of buying this. Everything is perfect about it.
15 Jul, 2021
Disclaimer: I received the OLED55A1PUA TV and SPY8A soundbar at a discounted price in exchange for honest feedback.The OLED A1 55 inch TV is a perfect TV for anyone looking for a great OLED TV at a price that doesn't make you squirm. It lacks some features that the C1 and G1 TV's have, but knowing the limitations going into the purchase, I am perfectly fine with any limitations it has to its bigger brothers. Most notably, the panel is a native 60 Hz, so if you're looking to pair this with a Xbox Series X or a PS5, you won't get 120Hz gaming, and if that's important, you should look at the C1. The build quality is on par with other LG OLED TV's, and aside from the stand, I believe the TV chassis is the same as the C1 series., which is to say it's great.This is a secondary TV that is in my master bedroom, and for that purpose is knocks it our of the park. The colors are spectacular, contrast impeccible. It supports HDR and Dolby Vision, and it really shines in these areas. Because it's OLED, blacks are completely black, so contrast is amazing. This especially compared to my 75 inch Nanocell in my main family room that has a full array dimming LED backlight. The Nanocell isn't bad, but it's not in the same area code as far as contrast goes. It's just that good. The LG magic remote is spectacular, and has been modified from last year's model which I have with the Nanocell. In all honesty, I prefer the previous remote for one reason. They removed the dedicated play/pause buttons on the new model, and I constantly find myself trying to use them when they aren't there.The smart features of the TV are as good as any other LG smart TV, which is to say awesome! Lots of app support including the staples like Netflix and Disney as well as apps like Plex. The built in speakers are a bit weak, which is where it's good that the SPY8A soundbar was included in the bundle. This complements the TV well, and with both being LG, they work in unison, and integrate seamlessly. I control both with the magic remote. The TV can connect wirelessly over bluetooth, but I prefer wired connection over HDMI for improved audio clarity from the TV using E ARC.All in all, this TV is highly recommended if you can do with a 60 Hz panel, and one less HDMI port than the C1. Other than that it's nearly perfect.
18 Jul, 2021
Couldn’t make my mind up whether to by LG or Samsung so trundled of to the big TV retailers to be baffled with the usual sales pitches. Got to admit it was a close call but decided to go for the LG OLED55A 55 inch.Got to say I made the right choice, colours bright and vivid, blacks and dark tones rich and sharp the sound is excellent and follows you around the room. Best of all is no matter where you sit in the room the picture is fantastic no distortion. It’s super thin and disappears into the wall. Easy to set up but loads of option to tweak the picture to your personal taste. Can’t fault it really really happy with the TV.
19 Jul, 2021
Really please with quality of picture and sound. Easy to install. great value
11 Jul, 2021
Its kinda crazy how the picture can impress me during the movie... rather than the movie itself. I chose this TV because I am using it exclusively for movies and TV series. This TV has the best color contrast i’ve ever seen, 2D images appear nearly 3D in a way. Its 60hz so don’t get it for gaming. Im a PC gamer, so 60hz its perfect for my cinematic movie watching. Even tho console gamers would be COMPLETELY satisfied gaming on this without a doubt. The sound is literally the best i’ve ever heard on a TV screen... This is without a doubt, my favorite purchase in the past 10 years. I feel like I don’t need to go to the movie theaters anymore. Watching Disney movies with the kids is a great experience. You can really see the quality in the movies on this screen. Moana, Raya, Avatar... all look rediculously good. Way better than on my old 4K vizio LED.
19 Jul, 2021
I bought this for the Euro’s and the games looked and sounded amazing through the LG OLED.Since this purchase I have also purchased an LG Washing Machine.
18 Jul, 2021
We have had TV for 2 months and are so impressed. Picture and sound are so sharp. Looks great as well.
18 Jul, 2021