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California Garden


peeled fava beans, water, tomato, sunflower oil 4%, salt, sugar, chili, garlic and calcium disodium edta (E385) for retention

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Canned Foul Beans

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Canned Foul Beans

Stock up your pantry with California Garden Canned Peeled Fava Beans With Chili 450g. Our high quality fava beans are perfect for any meal occasion, delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some popular foul medammes recipes are Fava Bean Bessara, Fatteh or added to a fresh salad.  A healthy source of vitamins and fibre, essential for a balanced diet and lifestyle - in a quick and easy way.  California Garden has been providing high quality food products at great prices from 1980. A much loved brand in the Middle East providing freshly sealed canned food products, perfect for your family, home cooking recipes. Whether your recipe asks for fava beans, foul medammes, foul medames, foul madamas, ful medames or ful mudammas, California Garden has the highest quality canned Fava Beans for you. 

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California Garden Canned Peeled Fava Beans With Chili 450g


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