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Glass,Carpet & Polish

33 Products found

Home Mate Glass and Surface Cleaner Blue 650ml

KWD 0.490

Big D Beeswax Furniture Polish Clean & Protect With Lemon 300ml

KWD 0.625

Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover With Brush 650ml

KWD 1.290

Airwick Carpet Fresh Lemon 350g

KWD 0.750

Kwik Glass Cleaner 500ml

KWD 0.450

Omino Bianco Carpet & Sofa Cleaner 300ml

KWD 1.090

Crystale Rinse Aid Glass Cleaner 500ml

KWD 0.690

LuLu Glass & Surface Cleaner Potpourri 500ml

KWD 0.420

Vanish Stain Remover Carpet Shampoo 1Litre

KWD 2.690

LuLu Glass And Surface Cleaner Original 500ml

KWD 0.420

Kwik Stainless Steel Polish 300ml

KWD 0.780

Dr. Beckmann Stainless Steel Cleaner 250ml

KWD 1.340

Pledge Furniture Spray Potpourri 300ml

KWD 0.780

Pledge Furniture Spray Orange 300ml

KWD 0.780

Classic Window Cleaner Orange 946ml

KWD 0.695

LuLu Glass & Surface Cleaner Original 750ml

KWD 0.590

LuLu Glass & Surface Cleaner Orange 750ml

KWD 0.590

Dac Glass Cleaner 400ml

KWD 0.470

Dac Glass Cleaner 650ml

KWD 0.640

Airwick Carpet Fresh Floral Garden 350g

KWD 0.750

LuLu Glass & Surface Cleaner Orange 500ml

KWD 0.420

Ecover Liquid Floor Soap 1Litre

KWD 2.150

Glade Carpet & Room Refresher 907g

KWD 1.125

Kwik Furniture Polish Classic 300ml

KWD 0.640

Windex Streak Free Shine Glass Cleaner Original 2 x 750ml

KWD 1.290

LuLu Glass And Surface Cleaner Assorted 2 x 750ml

KWD 0.890

Kwik Furniture Polish Spring Orange 300ml

KWD 0.650

Kwik Furniture Polish Lemon 300ml

KWD 0.640

LuLu Glass & Surface Cleaner Potpourri 750ml

KWD 0.590

Pledge Furniture Polish Original 300ml

KWD 0.780

Smac Gas Eye Polish 500ml

KWD 0.975

Dettol Healthy Glass Cleaner 500ml

KWD 0.790

Jif Ultrafast Window Spray 500ml

KWD 0.590