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Chocolate & Malted Drinks

27 Products found

Horlicks Women's Plus Caramel Flavour 400g

KWD 2.590

Hershey's Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 2 x 230g

KWD 2.065

Cadbury Cocoa Powder 125g

KWD 0.625

Tropicana Slim Swiss Chocolate Flavor Drink With Stevia Sugar Free 10 x 12g

KWD 1.125

Starbucks Hot Cocoa Mix Double Chocolate 226g

KWD 2.990

Horlicks Classic Malt Nourishing Powder Drink 500g

KWD 1.890

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 250g

KWD 0.675

Horlicks Nourishing Classic Malt Powder Drink 1kg

KWD 2.625

Slim Fast Original French Vanilla Shake Mix 364g

KWD 4.990

Horlicks Nourishing Powder Drink With Chocolate Flavour 500g

KWD 1.850

Hintz Cocoa Powder 454g

KWD 2.440

Nestle Toll House Cocoa 226g

KWD 1.850

Ovaltine Natural Malted Instant Food Drink 400g

KWD 1.650

Horlicks Instant Hot Malty Goodness 500g

KWD 2.250

Horlicks Malted Milk Drink Chocolate Light 500g

KWD 2.250

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix Milk Chocolate Flavor 88g

KWD 1.850

Hintz Cocoa Powder 125g

KWD 1.080

Hintz Cocoa Powder Tin 227g

KWD 1.350

Cadbury 3in1 Hot Cocoa 300g

KWD 0.850

Nestle Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder 1kg

KWD 2.245

Horlicks Traditional Malted Drink 500g

KWD 2.250

Nestle Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder 450g

KWD 1.195

Horlicks Nourishing Powder Drink Classic Malt 500g

KWD 1.510

Milo Powdered Choco Malt Milk Drink 300g

KWD 1.190

Cadbury Cocoa Powder 250g

KWD 1.020

Australia's Own Organic Rice Milk 1Litre

KWD 1.690

Boost Energy Drink 500g

KWD 1.995